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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who asked this week that people try not to be “assholes” and treat others with “a minimum of respect”, was pictured looking at his phone on Tuesday during testimony during Senate hearings investigating the deadly insurgency he helped inspire.

Current and former senior law enforcement officials appeared before Senate committees on Homeland Security and Rules to publicly testify for the first time to the intelligence and security failings that led to the violent breach of the Capitol American Jan.6.

Steven Sund, who resigned as Chief of Police on Capitol Hill in the wake of the riot, gave a grim account of the day’s events, claiming to have witnessed the ‘worst attack on the forces of the order and our democracy ”during his 30-year career. He described how officers were beaten with punches, bats, sticks and pipes.

Sund said his former agency had been prepared for an increase in the level of violence, but “none of the information we received predicted what really happened.” As he said, the C-SPAN Live Stream from the room to Cruz, who was on the phone.

A representative for Cruz did not immediately return HuffPost’s request for comment.

Cruz was at the center of a firestorm this week after taking off on vacation from Cancun as his home state was ravaged by a major snowstorm that crippled water and electricity systems and left millions of its constituents exposed to freezing temperatures.

After interrupting his trip amid a massive backlash, Cruz blamed his daughters, then the media, and raged that someone in his wife’s group text leaked his messages about the trip to the New York Times. , exposing his lie.

“Heidi is pretty pissed off” about the text leak, he said on the conservative “Ruthless” podcast this week.

“You know, here’s a suggestion: don’t be assholes,” Cruz added. “Just treat yourself like human beings. Have a certain degree, a minimum of respect.

His hearing before the Senate only fueled the fire.


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