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Team USA star Taylor Crabb tests positive for COVID-19 ahead of Olympics

Another positive case of COVID-19 at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has been reported, and this time it is from Team USA’s beach volleyball team.

Taylor crabb, a 29-year-old athlete from Hawaii, has tested positive for the coronavirus, NBC News reported. Crabb’s diagnosis came days after U.S. gymnastics team athlete Kara Eaker, substitute for the American women’s gymnastics team, and tennis player Coco gauff also tested positive for the virus.

Taylor’s brother, Trevor Crabb, told the NBC News affiliate in Los Angeles that his brother is “well and in good health and should be allowed to play, in my personal opinion.” The athlete has yet to open up about his diagnosis himself, but said he “felt” his best to participate in the sporting event in a July 11 Instagram post.

It was discovered that Crabb contacted coronavirus last weekend when he arrived in Japan ahead of the Olympics, which officially begins on Friday, July 23. He would potentially be back in his home state of Hawaii.

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