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Teacher hid condom in shoe before going to hotel to meet 2-year-old, cops say

A man posted an ad on Craig’s List looking for someone to share the cost of a hotel room until his house was ready.

“No weirdos or drugs please,” wrote the 39-year-old who has a 2-year-old daughter.

Shortly after the March 26 post, he received a response from a man, whom the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office later identified as Xavier Alexander, 27, a fourth-grade teacher at Grove Park Elementary in Palm Beach Gardens.

After the presentations and discussion of hotel options, Alexander’s questions took a worrying turn, an arrest report read.

“So would it be just you, me and her [the 2-year-old girl]? Alexander asked.

The father replied, “Yeah.”

“Would I also never be alone with your daughter?”

The father replied: “No”

“Well I think I’ll go somewhere else good luck.”

Worried about the matter and what it might mean, the man went to PBSO. A detective resumed the conversation and Alexander’s intentions quickly became clear, according to the report.

The detective has created new bogus terms for the next meeting.

Alexander agreed to pay more to be alone with the toddler for several days, said he just wanted to “spend time alone with her” and added that he would wear a condom for anything he did, the messages between the detective and him read.

Even when detectives tricked Alexander into believing the toddler was sick and in the hospital, he still wanted to meet her and continued to text her for several days.

After behind-the-scenes police work – which included a subpoena on Alexander’s phone – detectives scheduled to meet him at a Motel 6 in Lantana. Alexander then agreed to pay $ 200 for two nights at the hotel, according to a report.

Instead of meeting the man and his toddler, Alexander arrived on April 1 to find MPs waiting in room # 205.

Detectives found a box of condoms in his car and the $ 200. Only one condom, which was missing from the box, was found in his shoe.

Alexander, who had made himself known on childcare sites including, was arrested and charged with using a computer to entice a child and traveling to meet a child. He was being held on Tuesday on a $ 1 million bond, according to records.

After being arrested, Alexander told MPs he went to the hotel “in the hopes that it would be an opportunity for him to have sex with the 2-year-old girl”.

Detectives found a box of condoms in his car and the $ 200. Only one condom, which was missing from the box, was found in his shoe.

“He denies ever having touched a child in a sexual way, but admitted, when babysitting children in the past, he had become sexually aroused by grazing their genitals on their clothes and giving ‘marriages’,” wrote an investigator in the report. .

On, Alexander says he has worked with children for more than 10 years in schools, children’s ministries and children’s clubs. He was open to looking after children – ages 7 months to 7 years and older.

Anyone who believes their child may be the victim of the solicitation of a minor is encouraged to contact Detective Malory Wildove at 561-688-4079 or People can also call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-8477.

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