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Taylor Swift’s Prime Video Partnership Is a Streamer’s Wildest Dream Come True

In the eyes of Swifties, Prime Video’s reputation has never been better.

While each streaming service offers its own perks, bundles, engaging legacy content, and notable original films and series, in our year 2023, the Amazon streamer is wielding a special secret weapon: Taylor Alison Swift.

The last 10 months have been huge for television (Taylor’s Version), with bits of the 33-year-old singer appearing in the Netflix series. Falling for somethingFX The bear on Hulu and Prime Video The summer I became pretty And Wild region. What sets Prime Video’s soundtracks apart from the competition, however, is the fact that the streamer has secured three exclusive premieres of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) And Reputation (Taylor version).

From The summer I became pretty — Prime Video’s popular romantic drama based on Jenny Han’s beloved YA book series – released a trailer featuring ‘This Love (Taylor’s Version)’ ahead of its June 2022 premiere, Swift’s songs dominated the soundtrack to the series, creating the perfect mood for complex teenage love. stories. In a July episode of PodécrasséHan revealed: “I wrote (Taylor) a letter and I said what it meant to me and what I knew it meant to my readers and how it would be the best gift I could to give them… It’s probably the best thing ever.” It happened on the show. She also said E! News that being able to use one of Swift’s songs on the show was her “number one dream”, and Swift reciprocated her love for the series on social media.

During the season 2 press tours, which premiered on July 14, Lola Tung (who attended the Eras tour with Han), Gavin Casalegno, Christoper Briney and the rest of the cast were invited to several times to share their favorite Taylor tracks. And fans (especially those stuck in their Reputation era) went crazy learning all nine Swift songs from Season 2 (plus two used in promos), including the surprise debut of “Back to December (Taylor’s Version) ” a week before Speak Now (TV)and “Delicate (Taylor’s Version)” before Reputation (TV)it’s October drop.

Promo A+, Tay. And the exclusive revelations didn’t stop there.

Less than a month later, Prime Video revealed the trailer for its upcoming British original series. Wild region, with Jenna Coleman, Oliver Jackson-Cohen and Ashley Benson. And much to the surprise of Swifties, the first taste of the thriller was “Look What You Made Me Do (Taylor’s Version),” marking the unexpected global debut of the re-recorded track.

It turns out that “Reputation (Taylor’s Version)” is also the theme song of the series, and the stars of Wild region are just as shocked as you that the legendary pop star gave the green light for its use. “I feel like we were really lucky to have this Taylor Swift track,” Jackson-Cohen said in an interview shared on Prime Video’s social accounts. “It’s pretty amazing that we managed to, well, first of all, that she agreed to let us have the song.”

During the interview, Benson also called out the Wild region theme to one of her favorite songs, before admitting: “I can’t really pick a favorite Taylor track, but my favorite record is Reputation, and I could listen to it again and again and again and again. Once again, A+ marketing is happening before our eyes!

Aside from the obvious benefits like delighting fans, including Swift’s tracks on TV and movies has been proven to boost streams, as seen in “Cruel Summer,” “False God” and “This Love.” ” – which were featured in TSITP Season 1 – re-entry into the Billboard Top 40 three years after their release, or when his 2020 hit “August” returned to the Billboard charts after being featured in TSITP Season 2 trailer.

Moving away from traditional singles and harnessing the unique power of TV debuts to promote and hype fans for upcoming albums is a genius move on Swift’s part – one that has undoubtedly been mutually beneficial for Prime Video, as it helped attract curious eyes, ears and viewers. to their original series and platform. Yet despite the increasing frequency of collaborations between the singer and the streamer, fans are still raising an eyebrow after further proof of the partnership, asking hilarious questions like: “What does Prime Video have on Taylor Swift like I’m so serious” And “Is Taylor Swift Running a Money Laundering Scheme Through Prime Video or Something.”

Taylor Swift + Prime Video
Photos: Getty Images, Prime Video; Illustration: Dillen Phelps

Decider reached out to representatives for the Prime Video show for comment, who were unable to share additional information about their high-profile relationship. So while the specific details of Prime Video and Swift’s business relationship remain unknown, it’s worth noting that the singer has been linked to the streamer for years. Amazon’s Swiftifcation may seem new due to the growing prominence of its music in the aforementioned 2023 streaming series, but Prime Video’s social accounts have been growing pro-Swift messages To help promote their content for a while, Swift headlined Amazon’s Prime Day concert in 2019, and the singer gathered fans in droves to watch Thursday Night Football on Prime Video in October 2022 for a glimpse of her Midnights album. To celebrate the singer’s Eras tour earlier this year, Amazon announced that Prime memberships would provide free access to all of Swift’s albums for a limited time. And there’s even a connection between Swift’s “Blank Space” music video wardrobe and Prime Video’s popular summer 2023 romantic comedy, Red, white and royal blue.

As noted, Swift’s needle drops and creative projects aren’t new — and aren’t limited to a single streamer — but the singer’s recent use of Prime Video shows to tease new music, as well as Prime Video’s use of Swift’s celebrity to expand its audience and build trust in their brand is the stuff of dreams. To borrow an old HBO slogan: It’s not television; This is Taylor’s version.

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