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Tawny Kitaen, 80s actress and music video Vixen, dead at 59

Tawny Kitaen, who played with Tom hanks in the movie Bachelor Party and in many of the 80’s metal bands Whitsnakemusic videos from, passed away. She was 59 years old.

The actress, who was also named Tawny Finley, died at her home in Newport Beach, Calif., On Friday, May 7. The Orange County coroner’s office recorded his time of death at 8 a.m. that day, according to public records obtained by E! New. The cause has not been determined.

Tawny was born Julie Kitaen in San Diego, California in 1961. In her twenties, she rose to fame as a model and vixen video for ’80s hair metal bands. Ratt guitarist Robbin crosby, she was the cover model for the band’s self-titled debut EP and their debut studio album Out of the cellar, released in 1984. She also appeared in Ratt’s “Back for More” music video.

She later dated the Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale and has appeared in several music videos for his group, including “Here I Go Again”, “Still of the Night” and “Is This Love”.

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