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Tata Chemicals In Focus After Tata Motors-Tpg Agreement, Here’s Why


Tata Chemical shares are the focus of concern after the Tata Motors and TPG deal, as investors are excited about a potential opportunity that will arise for the lithium-ion plant.

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Lithium-ion batteries are used to make electric vehicles and for a very long time there has been talk of Tata Chemicals wanting to invest in this particular business. The company has already started recycling lithium-ion.

Earlier in the Q1 call, when asked about lithium-ion plans, they said there had been two new updates on lithium-ion business and they were still under review, but said there was a growing demand for lithium-ion.

Meanwhile, sodium carbonate is used to make lithium-ion batteries and for one ton of lithium-ion, one ton of sodium carbonate is needed. Also across the world, several electric vehicle projects are underway, which in turn will lead to increased demand for soda ash, which is a commodity for Tata Chemicals. Thus, the company has immense potential opportunities for the future.