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Syria denounces “Israeli aggression” after new raid in Latakia province – RT in english

Missiles fell overnight in Latakia province, killing a civilian and injuring six. A military source attributes this attack to “the Israeli enemy”. The Hebrew state regularly carries out strikes on Syrian soil.

On the night of May 4 to 5, air raids were carried out in the Syrian province of Latakia. According to a military source quoted by the Sana news agency, this “Israeli aggression resulted in the death of a civilian and wounded six, including a child and his mother.”

The same source clarified: “The Israeli enemy carried out an aerial assault from southwestern Latakia, targeting positions in the coastal zone.”

The Syrian air defense system managed to bring down some of the missiles.

According to the Syrian news agency, the attack targeted a civilian warehouse housing plastic materials.

Israel, which did not comment immediately, regularly launches attacks in Syria, especially against what it equates to “Iranian targets”. Tehran is one of Damascus’s allies in the fight against terrorist groups in the country.

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