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Suspected intruder dies after being shot by FBI agents outside CIA headquarters

WASHINGTON – The man who attempted to drive into CIA headquarters in Virginia on Monday died of his injuries after being shot by FBI agents who believed he had a bomb, officials said.

The man, Roy Gordon Cole, was known to the CIA because he had previously tried to drive to his heavily guarded facility, officials said, adding that there were questions about his mental state.

Two law enforcement officials said he approached the main gate of the CIA campus in Langley on Monday afternoon and was stopped by armed guards operating the entrance gates and exit.

CIA security officers had negotiated with Cole and, after he repeatedly refused to move, at one point a decision was made to try to push the car out of the way, officials said. .

Shortly after, he got out of his vehicle holding what he said was a bomb, officials said, prompting FBI agents to open fire around 6 p.m.

Cole was pronounced dead after being taken to an area hospital, the FBI said. Officials said no explosives were found.

Law enforcement officials previously said the suspect carried a gun, but a senior official said on Tuesday the information was not correct.

The FBI said in a statement it would review the circumstances of the shooting.

“The FBI examines every shooting incident involving an FBI special agent,” the statement said. “The review will carefully examine the circumstances of the shooting and gather all relevant evidence from the scene. As the review is ongoing, we cannot provide additional details at this time. “

Security around the CIA is taken especially seriously because in 1993 a Pakistani national killed two CIA employees in their cars and injured three others while they were waiting at a red light near this main entrance. . Mir Aimal Kasi, also known as Mir Aimal Kansi, fled and was at large for four years before being arrested, returned to the United States, tried and sentenced. He was executed in 2002.

In April, a US Capitol policeman was killed and another injured when a suspect crashed into a barrier.

Pete williams and Jonathan dienst contributed.

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