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Suspect missing after Pennsylvania homes burned down

Eagleville, Pennsylvania – Several townhouses were engulfed in flames after police said a homeowner pointed a gun at a code enforcement officer who was there for an inspection on Thursday.

Fortunately, the code enforcement officer was able to get out of there and contact Lower Providence Police. Our agents intervened on the scene. Upon arrival, they hired the man in front of the residence and he retreated inside, ”Lower Providence said. Township Police Chief Michael Jackson said.

Within moments, police said, there were explosions and nearby residents were evacuated. Others in the region have been ordered to take shelter in place. Firefighters fought the blaze from above as SWAT members covered their backs.

Suspect missing after Pennsylvania homes burned down
Several townhouses caught fire after a homeowner allegedly fired a gun at a local code enforcement officer on Thursday, June 10.

CBS News

“I heard all those bangs and loud noises and then I saw the gray smoke,” said Angela, who lives nearby but didn’t want her last name used. “At first they looked like gunshots. And then all of a sudden I hear all the police sirens and the ambulance and stuff.”

The fire destroyed three townhouses. The suspect is still at large and may be in the house that first caught fire. One person was being treated after sustaining minor injuries, according to CBS Philly.

Police maintain a strong presence in the area and assure residents that they are safe.


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