Surprise Apple Event Hints at First New iPads in Years

We haven’t seen a new iPad in years, but Apple seems likely to change that in just a few weeks. All signs point to new iPad models being released during the first week of May.

Apple CEO Tim Cook posted this GIF for the virtual event on X Tuesday morning.

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This morning I received an email invitation to an Apple virtual event, scheduled for May 7 at 7 a.m. PT (10 a.m. ET). The invitation, which says “Let Loose,” shows a drawing of a hand holding an Apple Pencil. Considering the iPad is the only device that uses the Pencil, that doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

Apple is expected to release new iPad Pro with OLED screen with newly designed Pencil Cases and Magic Keyboard. New iPad Airs are also expected, including a model with a larger 12.9-inch screen. Apple’s iPad Air line tends to be slightly redesigned versions of previous iPad Pro models, so just look at the iPad Pro M2 line to get an idea of ​​what the next Airs could be. These would be the first new iPads since the iPad Pro M2 model arrived at the end of 2022.

event invitation featuring a colorful stylized drawing of the Apple logo with a hand holding an Apple Pencil event invitation featuring a colorful stylized drawing of the Apple logo with a hand holding an Apple Pencil

Apple’s virtual invitation shows an Apple Pencil.


Budget iPads shouldn’t be available here: the entry-level iPad and iPad Mini may not be updated until fall. In the meantime, Apple will likely encourage new, creative uses for its high-end iPads and justify what could end up being a significantly higher price for the revamped OLED screen models. Pro modes should also have M3 processors, and all iPads should finally have front-facing cameras centered on the landscape edge for better-framed video chats when connected to a keyboard, like the 10th generation iPad a (and all MacBooks).

Look at this: What to expect at Apple’s May 7 iPad event

I have two open questions: will iPads and Pencils become more connected to the Apple Vision Pro? And will iPads become more of a replacement for Macs than they currently are? The answer to both questions is probably no right now, but with Apple’s software approach WWDC Conference only a month later, it’s an interesting time to release new professional equipment.

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