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Supreme Court agrees to review Trump rule on immigrants in need of government assistance

The U.S. Supreme Court said on Monday it would review a Trump administration limit for accepting immigrants deemed likely to become overly dependent on government benefit programs.

The Department of Homeland Security announced in 2019 that it would expand the definition of “public office” to apply to people whose immigration may be refused because of concerns that they will depend primarily on the government for their income.

In the past, this relied heavily on an assessment that an immigrant would depend on cash benefits. But the Trump administration has proposed expanding the definition to include non-cash benefits, such as Medicaid, supplemental nutritional assistance, and federal housing assistance.

Anyone who would likely need this wider range of help for more than 12 months within a three year period would be swept into the expanded definition.

In response to a series of lawsuits, lower courts were divided over whether the rule violated federal law. Its application was ultimately blocked.

The government has long had the power to refuse admission to immigrants who may become public office, but the term has never been formally defined.

The Department of Homeland Security has offered to fill this void, adding non-pecuniary benefits and factors such as age, financial resources, work history, education and health, arguing that the expansion would strengthen <

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