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Suppression of the National School of Administration: “ENA is dead, long live ENA”

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The reform of the prestigious ENA, which has trained generations of politicians in particular, was announced by Emmanuel Macron. French newspapers are making their front page this Friday, April 9. Also on the menu of this press review: the riots in Northern Ireland, unheard of for over 20 years, and the biclou which is on the rise.

“Become the technocratic symbol of elites cut off from reality”, writes Release, the ENA “was in the sights since the crisis of the yellow vests. But far from the announced abolition, it is rather a facade reform, hidden behind a name change, that the Elysee presented”, tackles the daily newspaper marked on the left. Emmanuel Macron wants to replace it with a Public Service Institute. “Delete the ENA, an idea of ​​enarque”, jokes in his editorial Opinion, liberal newspaper, while for Le Figaro, labeled conservative, the ENA serves as a “scapegoat”.

As for the riots in Northern Ireland, El País in fact its front page this Friday: this urban violence “shakes up the peace process”. The British Free Daily Metro title even on a “return of the dark days.” On April 10, 1998, the Good Friday Agreement ended the bloody conflict between Protestant loyalists and Catholic Republicans. But Brexit, by reintroducing customs controls, weakens the North Irish balance. The Belfast Telegraph stresses that the White House calls for calm. Just like London and Dublin.

“2.7 million sales in 2020: the cycle is rolling!” highlighted The Parisian. The sector’s turnover was presented yesterday by Union Sport et Cycle, and it is driven by the surge in sales of electric bikes. “The bicycle has become a tool for getting out of confinement and almost a barrier gesture on its own”, explains the Parisian newspaper.


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