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Sunak and Starmer’s first UK election debate was a battle of the nerds – POLITICO

They spoke fluently and with what they probably considered passion, but it was a thin-lipped, bloodless kind of passion, from men who clearly lacked the charisma of, say, Nigel Farage, whose he entry into the running on Monday electrified the election so much.

And yet, listen carefully to what they said, and it was clear that despite all the superficial similarities, in their souls they are politicians of different traditions and very different tendencies.

They may both be boring, but they’re really not the same.

Perhaps the most illuminating moment of the debate came when host Julie Etchingham asked the pair if they would pay for a sick relative to skip the queue for medical treatment. “Yes,” Sunak said softly but firmly. “No, I don’t use private healthcare, I use the NHS,” Starmer said, his eyes blinking in righteous indignation behind black-rimmed glasses. His wife, sister and mother had all worked for the country’s beloved but creaky public health system – it would be a betrayal to pay for treatment.

It was all there in a nutshell: a microcosm of the difference between the Conservatives and Labor.

Sunak, a staunch defender of liberty and freedom of choice, the boy whose parents also worked hard in the NHS system, as a GP and pharmacist, putting in long hours to send him to a private school elite. His intelligence took him to top universities and jobs that provided him with the financial cushion to help his loved ones in pain or distress. It’s a story to be proud of, not resigned to, conservatives say.


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