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Summer jobs: sectors that recruit – Economy

In many cases, job offers for a summer job go under the radar, filled directly within the family or by word of mouth. In 2020, Pôle emploi Bretagne advisers nevertheless identified nearly 60,000 seasonal recruitment projects. Despite the delay generated by the administrative closure of certain businesses, seasonal job offers should multiply in the coming weeks. Some 900 jobs are currently available on the Pôle emploi site, particularly in the three main sectors of activity, in addition to animation, commerce and personal services.

  • 1 Hotels, cafes and restaurants
  • Restaurants, cafes, hotels and campsites represent nearly a quarter of seasonal jobs in Brittany. In the context of the crisis which deprives them of part of their usual seasonal workers, the bosses of the sector are turning more, this year, to candidates without experience. There are places to be taken as a waiter, as an assistant in the catering industry, especially in the dish, or as an employee in the hotel industry.

    In the Côtes-d’Armor, Umih, in conjunction with Pôle emploi, is preparing to experiment with recruitment cafes. “From May 20, in Paimpol, candidates will be able to participate in workshops for setting up in the kitchen and on the terrace,” announces Dominique Spenlehauer, president of Umih in the department.

  • 2 Agriculture
  • Harvesting of shallots, tomatoes or coconut from Paimpol, horticulture… Each summer, agriculture is greedy in seasonal labor, given the needs for plant production. “For contracts of less than a month, these jobs are accessible to people who have no experience and therefore to young people looking for a summer job”, explains Louise Maurice, of the National association for employment and training in agriculture, real agency for employment in agriculture.

    The announcements can be viewed on the association’s website and on the departmental Facebook pages. The solution is also to go and see the producers or meet them in the markets.

  • 3 Food industry
  • Given the strong seasonality of its activities and the need to replace summer holidays, the agri-food industry recruits several thousand seasonal workers each year in Brittany.

    In Auray, where seasonal employment represents 42% of the supply, the food industry is in full recruitment to meet the needs of canners in particular.

    “We need students,” insists Pierre Le Calvez, the recruiting manager of Mix Buffet (catering and snacking salads), a thousand employees spread between the head office in Guer (56) and Ille-et-Vilaine. Once again this year, 300 positions will need to be filled in production and logistics.

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