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Subway train derails in Mexico City, killing at least 13 people

A subway train derailed Monday night in Mexico City after the partial collapse of a concrete viaduct, killing at least 13 people and injuring dozens more, the government said.

The derailment occurred on metro line 12 from Olivos station in southeast Mexico City, Mexico’s civil protection agency. said in a message on Twitter.

Early photos from the site showed tilted train cars, tangled wires, and twisted metal. Government-released videos of the derailment showed at least one orange and yellow subway car hanging from an overpass.

Carlos Zúñiga Pérez, television host in Mexico City, tweeted a video rescue personnel rescuing injured passengers from a tilted subway car by helping them descend ladders.

Claudia Sheinbaum, mayor of the city, mentionned that she was on site to support rescue personnel.

The metro system in Mexico City, the country’s sprawling capital, handles more than four million passengers a day. It is the second largest in the Americas, after New York.

In March 2020, a man was killed and at least 41 others were injured when two subway trains collided in Mexico City. Ms Sheinbaum said at the time that one of the trains apparently backed up into the other by accident.

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