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Students not vaccinated before August 1 will be unsubscribed from classes

Kean University has a new policy regarding the COVID-19 vaccine – showing proof of vaccination or being deregistered from classes.

Students have a deadline of August 1 to prove their immunization status for the fall semester. The university briefed students on the policy in April.

The reaction to the policy has been mixed among current students.

“Thank goodness. I just left my summer school and I’m leaving,” says Chelsea Hoagland.

Hoagland has only one summer course left. She says she is not getting the COVID-19 vaccine because she is worried about potential side effects. She disagrees with the university forcing students to be vaccinated.

“We pay to come here and everyone on campus so far has been isolated. So I don’t really see the need to implement this, ”she says.

But freshman Sarah says she’s okay with the policy and wants to see it go even further.

“I think it’s good that everyone is vaccinated. But I think they should still take the precautions to wear a mask, ”she said.

Students who have religious or medical exemptions should still submit a form by August 1, as well as students who plan to attend Kean in a fully remote capacity. They do not have to be vaccinated, but must inform the school anyway.

“The point is that there may be students who still choose to make the decision that they don’t want to be vaccinated and we respect that decision,” said Karen Smith, vice president of relations at Kean University. “But again, in our minds, health and safety are the biggest issues.”

With the increase in cases of the delta variant of COVID-19, even among the vaccinated, some students say they are unsure which decision is better.

“Can’t you still get COVID if you get the vaccine? So it’s like it’s 50-50. I don’t even know, ”says student Trinity.

Professors and staff at Kean University are not required to be vaccinated. But it is highly recommended that they do so. News 12 New Jersey asked why this was the case, but was only told that the university is focusing on what is safest for everyone.

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