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Student hoax Covid message quarantined entire class

ZURICH – Students in the Swiss city of Basel falsified positive Covid-19 results in an attempt to skip school, which resulted in the entire class being quarantined and now disciplinary action against the perpetrators after the discovery of the hoax.

Three students from the Kirschgarten high school in Basel falsified text messages from the Covid-19 contact tracing app in Switzerland, Swiss newspaper Blick reported.

This forced around 25 classmates to be confined to their homes for ten days. Several teachers were also affected by the incident just before spring break in March.

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“This is not just a childish prank, it is a serious incident,” Simon Thiriet, a spokesperson for the Basel education department, told Blick.

The school plans to pursue criminal charges for falsifying “health documents”, although it does not plan to expel them. Thiriet said the students are in a “difficult situation” due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t excuse the trio’s blow.

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