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Stoke Loanee Rabbi Matondo shares racist abuse on Instagram and criticizes social media reaction to boycott |  Football News

Rabbi Matondo of Stoke City shared the racist abuse received on Instagram and slammed the social media platform for its response to last weekend’s boycott.

Matondo, who is on loan to championship club Schalke in the Bundesliga, shared on Twitter screenshots of private messages from two different Instagram users on Tuesday, adding: “It’s good to see the boycott didn’t nothing changed @Instagram “.

Sky Sports has joined the wider sports community to take part in a four-day social media boycott to tackle online abuse and discrimination – which ended at midnight on Monday – and has not posted any content sportsman on his channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. , Snapchat and TikTok for the duration of the boycott period.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, removed the accounts that sent the abuse to Matondo and told Sky Sports News they were about to release “new tools to prevent people from seeing abusive posts from foreigners “.

A Facebook spokesperson said: “The abuse sent to Rabbi Matondo is unacceptable. We don’t want it on Instagram and we quickly deleted the accounts that sent it.

“We recently announced that we will be taking tougher action on people breaking our rules in DMs and later this week we’re rolling out new tools to help prevent people from seeing abusive messages from strangers.

“No solution will solve this challenge overnight, but we are committed to doing what we can to protect our community from abuse.”


Social media expert Toby Beresford says social media platforms are unlikely to make major changes unless they face a competitive threat to their businesses

Matondo, 20, has previously been the target of racist abuse, along with his Welsh international teammate Ben Cabango, following Wales’ victory over Mexico in March this year. Cardiff Police have launched an investigation into the source of the abuse.

After sharing screenshots of those previous posts, Matondo added: “And it goes on … another week of @instagram doing absolutely nothing against racial abuse.

“My insta will be deleted if I post clips of my games … #priorities.”

In response to racist abuse by Matondo and Cabango in March, a Facebook spokesperson said Sky Sports News: “We don’t want racist abuse on Instagram and have removed the accounts that sent these messages to Ben Cabango and Rabbi Matondo this weekend.

“We have designed tools that allow public figures to never receive DMs (direct messages) from people they don’t follow again and we recently announced that we will take tougher action when we become aware of people who violate our rules in DM.

“This work is ongoing and we are committed to doing more. We also know that these issues are bigger than us, so we are working with industry, government and others to collectively drive societal change through action. and education. “

The social media boycott sent a ‘powerful and united message’

The Football Association called on the government to introduce legislation to force social media companies to do more to end online abuse in the wake of the strong and united four-day boycott of the sports community.

The reaction to the four-day social media boycott to tackle online abuse and discrimination – which ended at midnight – continued to flow with Kick It Out chief executive Tony Burnett also appearing on Sky Sports News to expose what he wants to see happen next.

Kick It Out’s Top Four Social Media Requests

1. Improved prevention – to help end online abuse in the first place

2. Account verification – to deter people from writing hateful comments when they are anonymous

3. Appropriate penalties – current penalties for online abuse are insufficient

4. Government intervention – accelerate the passage of the bill on online harm by Parliament

Former West Ham, Sunderland and Queens Park Rangers defender Anton Ferdinand also revealed to Sky Sports News that he is ready for a meeting with the social media giants where the boycott will be discussed and what steps will be taken next to tackle online abuse.

An FA statement, also released by England captain Harry Kane, said the social media boycott was to “demonstrate our collective anger. But that won’t end the abuse on its own.”

“We will continue to challenge social media companies to make changes to their platforms, urge the government to quickly introduce strong legislation, and ask individuals to call and report online abuse. when they see it. “

Stoke Loanee Rabbi Matondo shares racist abuse on Instagram and criticizes social media reaction to boycott |  Football News


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What Did Social Media Companies Say?

A Twitter spokesperson said Sky Sports News: “Racist behavior, abuse and harassment have absolutely no place in our service and alongside our football partners, we condemn racism in all its forms.

“We are steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that the football conversation on our service is safe for fans, players and everyone involved in the game.

“Since the start of the season on September 12, there have been over 30 million Tweets from people in the UK about football. During this period we have deleted over 7,000 Tweets in the UK which targeted the football conversation with Twitter rule violations.This represents around 0.02% of the overall UK football conversation and does not reflect the vast majority of people who engage in heated discussions on football on Twitter.

Stoke Loanee Rabbi Matondo shares racist abuse on Instagram and criticizes social media reaction to boycott |  Football News


Kick It Out CEO Tony Burnett says the social media boycott is just the start and still wants companies to take these four steps to prevent further abuse.

“We have been working to improve our proactive measures, whereby 90% of abuse targeting players is removed without the need to report a user. We have also provided expedited reporting channels to our football partners to ensure review any potentially non-compliant content and act promptly.

“Racism is a deep and complex societal issue and everyone has a role to play. We are determined to do our part and continue to work closely with valuable partners in football, government and police, as well as the task force convened by Kick It Out to identify ways to collectively tackle the issue. this problem – both online and outside of social media. “

Facebook, owner of Instagram, said it would “continue to listen to comments and fight hate and racism on our platform” and work with UK police on hate speech.

Stoke Loanee Rabbi Matondo shares racist abuse on Instagram and criticizes social media reaction to boycott |  Football News


Inter Milan winger full-back Ashley Young hopes football’s four-day social media boycott will force tech companies to ‘wake up’ in fight against online abuse

A Facebook spokesperson said: “No one should be abused anywhere, and it is against our policies to harass or discriminate against people on Instagram or Facebook.

“We agree and have already made progress on many player suggestions, including taking tougher action against people who break our rules in DMs.

“We also recently announced that starting next week, we will be providing new tools, based on consultations with footballers and anti-discrimination experts, to help prevent people from seeing abusive messages. from strangers. “

Sky Sports News also reached out to Snapchat, Tik Tok and YouTube for a response.

Hate won’t stop us

Sky Sports is committed to making and our channels on social media platforms a place for comment and debate free from abuse, hatred and blasphemy.

For more information, please visit:

If you see a response to Sky Sports messages and / or content with an expression of hate on the basis of race, color, sex, nationality, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexuality, age or class please copy the hate message url or capture it and email us here.

Kick It Out Signaling Racism

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Kick It Out is the football for equality and inclusion organization – which works across the football, education and community sectors to fight discrimination, encourage inclusive practices and campaign for change. positive.

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