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Stock market today: Live updates

40 minutes ago

Gold Futures Extend 2024 Rally to 13.5%, Hitting Intraday Record $2,372.50/Ounce

June gold futures hit an intraday record high of $2,372.50 an ounce before closing at a new record high of $2,351.00, the 15th closing high of the year.

Gold has also extended its year-to-date rise to 13.5%, although gold enthusiasts should remember that on an inflation-adjusted basis, the historical price of gold was $3,460.77 when Jimmy Carter was president in January 1980.

Silver futures are up 15.5% so far in 2024, while copper futures are up 9.9%. Aluminum rose just 3% in 2024, but still hit its highest Monday since February 2023. Similarly, tin hit its highest Monday since January 2023, but jumped 18%. in 2024.

All of these moves pale next to the rocket ship known as cocoa, which hit an all-time high of $10,443 per metric ton on Monday, taking its 2024 rally to 131.5%.

See the table…

July cocoa futures markets in 2024.

—Scott Schnipper, Gina Francolla

An hour ago

Opening of stock futures little changed

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News Source : www.cnbc.com

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