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Stephen King’s new novel is full of COVID intolerance and misinformation

Looks like Stephen King’s latest novel is more bigoted and dishonest than usual.

Before Stephen King became Stephen King, he was a storyteller of breathtaking talent. Name a novelist with a decade-long streak of page-turners like Carrie, Salem’s Lot, The Shining, The Stand, The Dead Zone, Firestarter, Cujo, ChristineAnd Seminary for pets. If King had retired in 1983, everyone would still know his name.

There were still great novels to come…Misery And The dragon’s eyes, for example, but at that time he was Stephen King, no longer a foreigner but an isolated, pampered and filthy rich elitist. And with that change came bloated books, an air of self-importance, and broken diatribes. His 1994 novel Insomnia cured me of his title. That’s when I gave up. Flash-forward 27 years to the time I gave Billy Summers a reading which only confirmed my 1994 decision.

King’s biggest problem is how full of himself he has become. The cool, nerdy guy who loved schlocky horror films and the taboo pleasures of EC Comics has become a humorless scold, yelling at everyone from the front lawn of his Twitter account. If anyone faithfully reincarnated EC Comics today, they’d be there with a pitchfork shouting about the “male gaze” and everything else that offended their fellow woketards.

Basically, King became a tense square, a stiff Margaret Dumont with an overbite.

Which brings me to hollyits 900th novel.

First, the hatred and intolerance of the American thinker:

The bad guys in holly are predictable. The antagonists are a racist, anti-vax, old, white husband and wife. The book’s protagonists are equally predictable. They are all women, minorities, gay, or a combination of the three.

Finally, King’s treatment of Christians is beyond slanderous. He writes in holly about a black vegan lesbian who is victimized by her Christian family for religious reasons because she doesn’t eat meat. This “sin,” King asserts, is so dishonorable that several members of the Family Church collectively rape the black lesbian. When the black lesbian aborts the resulting baby, her family completely disowns her.

Here are some excerpts captured on Twitterzzz:

And here is the misinformation about COVID:

(According to King, COVID deaths in nursing homes are all because a nurse refused to get an mRNA “vaccine” because it was developed using cells from aborted fetuses. Democratic governors who committed industrial-scale murder by forcing COVID patients into nursing homes are flying under the radar.

The worst nursing home deaths, and King knows this, were directly caused by anti-science Democrats, like former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who sent COVID patients to nursing homes where those most at risk of dying from COVID lived. And at that time, as the virus hit Europe first, everyone knew that the elderly were the most vulnerable. That’s why Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) moved quickly to protect nursing homes. I bet it’s not in the book.

It was also former President Donald Trump who moved heaven and earth to get the vaccine made public.

So, as you can see, King has not only become a bigot and uptight man who looks like everyone’s lesbian aunt, he has also become a propaganda tool for the establishment.

You know, I have a book coming out in a few weeks, my first (and only) novel, and all I cared about was writing a page-turner. All I wanted to do was cast a spell and hold it. And because I’ve been on the receiving end of this bullshit my entire adult life, I know that the cheapest way to break that spell is to butt into the story with a lecture, rebuke, or political argument clumsy. I also know that breaking this spell is the worst sin a storyteller can commit. This is a selfish act, pure narcissism. Of course, my book represents my worldview. I have written it. But this is not the case preach my view of the world. I aim timelessnot timely, which means that I have left enough room for the reader to make their own interpretation of the events. That’s how it’s supposed to work: through allegory, theme, and character.

When King knew this, he was America’s storyteller.

Today, he is an aging palace guard for the establishment.

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