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Stephen Hendry aims for World Snooker Championship return this year |  Snooker News

Stephen Hendry shoots in his career 776th century in a 4-1 loss to Matthew Selt as he made his return to the Gibraltar Open on Tuesday night after retiring in 2012; “Qualifying for the crucible is the goal, and doing 800 centuries is another goal”

Last updated: 03/03/21 10:47 am

Stephen Hendry has won more world snooker titles than anyone and is aiming for a return to The Crucible after he returns.

Seven-time world snooker champion Stephen Hendry has set his sights on a return to the World Championships but says he needs to improve after losing on his return.

The 52-year-old made his comeback against Matthew Selt on Tuesday night after his retirement in 2012, and rolled back the years with a century-long break of 107 in the second frame of the night to tie the game.

It was the 776th century of his career, but he lost the next three frames as Selt claimed the Gibraltar Open first round victory and despite losing, Hendry was satisfied with his performance in his debut match at the highest level for nine years

A return to the Crucible is next on the agenda, with the centerpiece of the snooker season still slated for April, and the Scotsman will need to pass qualifying if he is to achieve that ambition.

“I really felt the nerves when I put on my suit in the hotel room. That’s when it really hit me, which is a good sign because without nerves you can’t play, ”he said.

“But it takes more nerves of excitement and expectation than nerves of not knowing what’s going to happen. I was generally quite happy.

“My game is not yet good enough to qualify for the World Championship. I think there is work to be done. I have about a month of training to improve it.”

Hendry’s Twitter handle @ SHendry775 is an acknowledgment of the 775 centuries he had achieved before Tuesday, but the Scotsman insists it doesn’t need to be updated.

“I think I won’t change that until I get to 800. Qualifying for Le Creuset is the goal, and going 800 centuries is another goal,” he said.

Hendry turned pro at the age of 16 and won his first world title in 1990.


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