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Stephen Colbert thinks President Biden can reclaim Europe

“Come on, Europe, you can’t judge us. You had fascists; we had fascists. You have leaders who marry their cousins; we have Rudy, who married his cousin. You had Nosferatu; we have – we have Rudy. Potato, pot-ah-to, ”said Stephen Colbert.

“Tomorrow, that cicada will be on Fox News with a neck brace calling for the impeachment of Biden:” See what he did to me! It’s on tape. ‘ – JIMMY FALLON

“The cicada came back to his buddies like, ‘Damn, the old man is faster than expected.'” – JIMMY FALLON

“Forget the Secret Service; this man needs a SWAT team! – STEPHEN COLBERT

“Meanwhile, Mike Pence was like, ‘Bugs on your head – you’re supposed to save this for the big debate.'” – JIMMY FALLON

Kristen Bell performed part of “You Can Only Keep One” on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show”.

Netflix’s “Army of the Dead” star Tig Notaro will appear on Thursday’s “Conan”.

A new AMC + show satirizes the tradition of hot wives with schlubby husbands on network sitcoms.

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