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State soldier accused of hitting and overturning pregnant woman’s SUV during botched traffic stop

A terrifying scene was filmed in Arkansas where a state soldier deliberately hit a pregnant woman’s car, causing her to hit the median and overturn.

The officer said he performed the approved maneuver because the driver was accelerating and did not stop. Driver Janice Harper said it was not safe to stop, reports Jericka Duncan of CBS News.

The video is now evidence in a lawsuit.

Harper was returning from the movies last July when the Arkansas State troop Rodney Dunn tried to stop her because she had gone too fast.

Dunn’s dash cam video shows that seconds after turning on his overhead lights, Harper moves into the right lane, slows down, and turns on his hazard lights while continuing to drive.

Dunn hits Harper’s car about two minutes later.

The maneuver spun the SUV onto the highway, hit the interior wall, and rolled over.

Dunn can be heard calling EMS before stopping and talking to Harper while helping him out of the car.

“Are you the only one in the vehicle?” Dunn asks.

“Yes, I’m pregnant,” Harper tells him.

Then Dunn can be heard saying to her, “Well, ma’am, you have to stop when we tell you.”

Harper points out to Dunn that his turn signals were on.

“It’s okay ma’am,” he said.

Harper says, “I thought it would be safer to wait for the exit.”

“No ma’am, stop when law enforcement stops you, okay,” Dunn replies.

According to an Arkansas state driver’s license guide, when stopped by law enforcement, a driver should “activate your turn signal or emergency turn signals to let the officer know that you are look for a safe place to stop ”.

A new Harper trial claims that “there was no way out or shoulder for [Harper] to exit the highway safely. “

In the video, Dunn tells Harper that he performed a “PIT maneuver” for “when people run away from us or don’t stop.”

“I wasn’t running away,” she replies.

Court documents allege Dunn “performed a negligent PIT maneuver” – a prosecution intervention technique that put “his life and that of his unborn child in danger”.

Harper told Little Rock’s KLRT station that she thought she was going to lose her baby.

“What if I have kids in the car?” I mean, he wouldn’t have known. Is it important ? Harper told the station. “What was going through his mind?” What made him think everything was fine?

Harper’s baby was doing well and is now 4 months old. While the full extent of the injuries is not known, the Harpers’ attorney said he heard several other people say similar things had happened to them.

CBS News has contacted State Police for comment and has had no response.


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