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Stark creates a parasurf board for champion Katell Ropert

The move of Vincent Maréchal to Ploemel, in Morbihan, will delight more than one Breton surfer. Engineer by training, he takes over from Jean-Pierre Stark, founder of the historic brand of the same name in the south of France. Originally from Brittany, he returned to his roots with his family and took the opportunity to launch a new order intended for the vice-world parasurf champion, Katell Ropert.

A new project, barely installed

Vincent Maréchal received the visit of the vice-champion on May 22. Katell Ropert took advantage of a return trip between Nantes and Quimperlé (29), where she lives, to visit the one who agreed to make her his new toy. “I can’t wait to get into the water with this new board,” she slips, before lying down on her board, placed on the mattress in Vincent’s playroom. The shaper set up his workshop, helped by his family.

Vincent works alone and responds to direct orders from his clients. His engineering side constantly pushes him to innovate. “I am currently working with a young German company, Polyola, to use eco-responsible, 100% recyclable foam bars”.

It’s tailor-made full house. There is no existing model. This is the Katell model

The challenge that Katell gave him is no less important, because the arrangement of a parasurf board requires flexibility and adaptation. “It’s tailor-made full house. There is no existing model. It’s the Katell model, ”jokes the shaper. “But it’s great to be able to get out of my comfort zone and work on new types of boards”.

Building the perfect board

There weren’t any great difficulties, but it took a real discussion to figure out how to make the perfect board for her client. “It had to be as light as possible. It was also necessary to adapt the form because, if an average surfer has the weight of his body on his back foot, it is with the shoulders that Katell is oriented ”.

It’s really resourcefulness

The board is ready, with its wrists and elbow rests. “It’s really resourcefulness,” repeats the champion once again. “I bought kitesurfing cuffs because they don’t exist in surfing. So that my elbows don’t slip, we’re going to stick pads where surfers usually put their feet ”.

“I find it cool to be able to put my skills at the service of everyone”, confides Vincent Maréchal (Le Télégramme / Margault Demasles)

Even if the parasurf is growing, driven by associations like Fast – French adaptive surfer tank, the equipment necessary for the practice remains underdeveloped. “I think it’s cool to be able to put my skills to work for everyone. There is still work to be done to make this sport accessible to all, ”concludes the shaper.

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