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Staff and vendor violated security policies before woman shot gun show in Fort Worth: police report

In June, a loaded gun was on display at a gun show in Fort Worth when a participant picked up the pistol and accidentally shot a woman in the foot. Neither the vendor nor staff at the gun show checked the guns to make sure they were unloaded, as per policy, according to a Fort Worth police report.

On June 26, Premier Gun Shows produced the Original Fort Worth Gun Show at the Will Rogers Convention Center in Fort Worth. According to gun show rules and policies, guns cannot be loaded, according to a city statement. All guns are supposed to be unloaded and inspected at the show.

Premier Gun Shows did not respond to repeated requests for comment on the incident. The seller, Myrl’s Country LLC, has been banned from future gun show events. Myrl’s Country LLC did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Referring to the Original Fort Worth Gun Show, Assistant General Manager Jay Chapa said the event producer is responsible for making sure every vendor follows procedures to ensure guns are not loaded.

The city said in a statement after the shooting that “staff will work with the show’s organizer to determine the changes needed to ensure this type of incident does not happen again in the future.”

Accidental shooting

On June 26, a Myrl’s Country LLC vendor brought 14 guns and 59 gun accessories to display at the gun show, according to the Fort Worth police report obtained by the Star-Telegram. The staff did not check the large assortment of guns at the door. Instead, event staff told vendors with a large amount of guns to set up their booths first, then let a staff member know. The staff member is then supposed to check the guns to make sure they are unloaded and safe, the police report said.

The stand vendor told police he informed staff when he was done with his stand. A staff member came, but the staff member did not check any of the weapons, according to the police report. The stand vendor also did not check the weapons.

On the first day of the gun show, a participant was viewing guns at the Myrl’s Country booth. The participant picked up a black Palmetto State Armory KS47 AR pistol and pointed it at the ground while pulling the trigger, believing it was not loaded.

A bullet in the chamber ricocheted off the floor, went through a plastic container, went through an empty case, and hit a woman in the left heel. The bullet went through his foot, according to the police report.

The man who fired the gun panicked and said he did not know the gun was loaded, according to the police report. He left the gun lounge, later telling police he was unaware anyone was injured when he left.

Passers-by bandaged the woman’s foot and Medstar arrived to take her to the hospital. During this time, the man heard that the woman had been shot and returned to the gun show and booth.

Premier Gun Shows is having another gun show in Fort Worth in August, according to their website.

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