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Stade Brestois.  How Franck Honorat became Brest’s top scorer – Stade Brestois

Last Sunday against Rennes, for the first match of the return phase, Franck Honorat scored his sixth goal with Stade Brestois in the league, a statistic that he had never reached among the pros in a season. Its maximum? Four with Clermont, and in Ligue 2, during the 2018-2019 financial year. As we know, the former Stéphanois is above all an excellent centralizer: in three and a half years, between Clermont, Saint-Étienne and Brest, the winger has delivered 24 assists.

But if Olivier Dall’Oglio wants him to further polish this quality, the Stade Brestois coach also announced at the start of the season to wait for Honorat in another register: that of scorer. The Toulonnais and his coach are winning their bet. But the journey to (re) become a “goleador” was not that simple.

“What are you doing there?” “

“In the youth, I scored goal after goal, poses Honorat. But arrived in pro, I started to make a pass, two assists, three assists, four assists… And in my head, I think that I made a small blockage by telling myself that I could not mark any more.

Only a few months ago, the right-hander would never have tried his luck in an unusual left off-center position, and he would not have found, in the process, the skylights of Moulin and Rajkovic, against Saint-Étienne then Reims . He would not have been on the lookout in the Rennes area to open the scoring last Sunday. “Before, I stayed on my right side, rewinds Honorat. I remember my father telling me often, “What are you doing over there, you won’t score a goal, you are useless!” “I had a lot of discussions with the coach, especially on positioning. He kept telling me, “you have to get it into your head that you can score, and that you are going to score”. I’m lucky to have him as a coach, he highlights my football ”.

Objective ten goals

Metamorphosed and confident, Honorat now goes much more into the heart of the game, far from his line, free to move around in a team where the offensive position is never frozen on the ground. “He has taken a step forward, even if he has gone through periods of doubts,” notes Olivier Dall’Oglio of a player he has installed in his eleven since the end of October.

Before, Honorat, a time disturbed by this change of style and most often a substitute, had to be content with ends of matches. “I arrived here last summer as the biggest transfer in the history of the club, there was also a bit of a time to adapt to the philosophy of play. A lot of things happened in my life “. Current top scorer of the club with six goals, just ahead of Steve Mounié and Irvin Cardona, Honorat does not make this ranking a challenge. “To mark has awakened a flame in me. It’s wonderful, it’s gratifying, ”he smiles, he whose goal posted at the start of the season was to reach seven goals and seven assists in L1. As an aside, Honorat told us that he had raised the number to ten in the first box.

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