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Stade Brestois.  Franck Honorat: “The system where you feel best, it’s still 4-4-2” – Stade Brestois

Ligue 1 (33rd day). Stade Brestois – RC Lens, this Sunday (3 p.m.)

Much has been said lately about the lack of realism and confidence in the offensive. Do you also feel it as such?

On realism, yes. On trust, personally, no. We, the attackers, we know that we are going to score, there is not much missing. You know, it only takes one action, one goal, to get the whole team moving forward.

So a click?

With us, everyone can score, but individually, we cannot make a difference alone. I, alone, will not be able to notice a strike from afar. I will need a good pass, a good movement, players who make calls on the side.

Does the team have the pressure when it enters the opponent’s box?

No, I do not think so. I remember my goals against Saint Etienne and Reims : we are confident and we shoot, we do not ask questions. When we are a little less, we say to ourselves, “Shall I shoot, do I pass?” “. When you are instinctively, it works. When you start to think, if there’s a second of hesitation, it’s dead. That’s kind of what is blocking us right now.

When your coach says the key to sustaining will be scoring goals because the team will concede goals anyway, how do you take it?

That is true. I prefer to play in a device in which we will score more goals, than in one where we will be stronger defensively but with less chances to score. There are games where we were more solid behind, but we always took a goal, without having chances. Against Marseilles or Lorient, we do not make a strike … I prefer that we take three goals, but that we put four at the same time.

Does that mean that in this fight for maintenance, the tactical approach to matches must be that of a playing team?

I think the system where you feel the best is still 4-4-2. It’s the one in which we won the most matches, where we managed to create the most clear chances and score the most goals.

This is the recent example against Nîmes. You went back to this system, for 22 shots …

This second half against Nîmes is a good base, we have found our identity, and I think we have to stay in that system. I remember that at the start of 2021, we still managed to win matches (Nice) or to make good ones (Paris, Rennes). This is where we went to look for the teams, that we put pressure on them. It is our strength, and we must find it.

Are you less comfortable in the 4-3-3?

It’s a different game compared to the attack we have. When we play in 4-3-3, I find that Steve (Mounié) is a little more lonely in front, he has fewer possibilities, especially when we take a big pressing and we clear, there is no one around from him. In the 4-4-2, he always has a player by his side, and that’s where we are dangerous.

How are you going to approach this match against Lens?

It’s putting on the madness, and right from the start. This is what made our strength, when we directly suffocated our opponents and we scored quickly. Right off the bat, we managed to put the pressure on, that’s what made it easier for us to win.

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