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Sri Lanka reports new record number of Covid-19 cases per day

Public health authorities in India continue to tackle a high number of new cases of Covid-19.

Authorities reported 366,161 more cases of Covid-19 on Monday, the first time the daily figure has dropped below 400,000 since May 6, according to figures released by the Ministry of Health. However, the numbers of cases on Monday – which are reported on Sunday – are often lower than on weekdays because fewer people are tested.

To date, 22,662,575 cases of Covid-19 have been identified in India. At least 246,116 people have died.

More than 3,000 Covid-19-related deaths have been reported every day in India since April 28. 3,754 more were reported on Monday, authorities said.

To date, 170,153,432 doses of vaccine have been administered in India. At least 35,759,005 people who have received their second dose, which means 2.75% of India’s 1.3 billion people are fully immunized, according to a press release from the Ministry of Health on Sunday.

Ventilators and oxygen assistance: 902,291 Covid-19 patients in India are on oxygen and 170,841 others are on ventilators, Indian Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said on Saturday.

He added that 488,861 patients out of the number of active cases were in intensive care.

Curfew in Jammu and Kashmir: India’s northernmost union territory, Jammu and Kashmir, has imposed a curfew until May 17 in all of its districts due to the growing number of coronavirus cases in that country.

The administration also imposed a cap of 25 people at weddings starting on Sunday.

Jammu and Kashmir reported a total of 4,788 new cases on Saturday evening and 60 deaths linked to Covid-19, according to the daily government bulletin.

Locks in Gujarat, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh: The Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat have extended their statewide lockdowns due to the massive surge in Covid-19 cases across India.

Uttar Pradesh is home to around 200 million people and is the most populous state in India. His government said in a statement Thursday that the lockdown would continue until May 15.

“Only medical work, vaccinations, business activities that provide essential services will be allowed,” the statement read.

Gujarat has extended its lockdown of 36 different cities until May 12. Only those services that the government considers essential will be allowed to operate until then.

Uttarakhand will go into lockdown on Tuesday for a week. The state’s vaccination campaign will continue as planned, and individuals will be “required to show proof of vaccination registration” in order to travel.

This is the first time during India’s second wave that Uttarakhand has imposed statewide restrictions. Previously, brakes had been put in place in neighborhoods with a high number of cases.

Covid-19 infections in Uttarakhand have increased since Kumbh Mela in April, a festival where Hindu pilgrims across the country gather along the banks of the Ganges to offer their prayers.


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