Squid Game: The Challenge – everything you need to know about Netflix’s new game show, including contestants, prize money and controversy

Netflixthe hit show Squid game It may only be fiction, but its new spin-off is anything but, as 456 contestants compete for a huge cash prize.

Although the settings may seem almost identical to those of the Korean dystopian drama, its spin-off was filmed on British shores.

Similar to the deadly childish challenges of Squid Game, participants in the reality competition will have to undergo the same tests and create the same alliances to win.

MailOnline explores everything you need to know about the controversial new Netflix show.

New spin-off: the game show based on the hit Netflix series should arrive on the streaming platform on Wednesday (photo from Squid Game: The Challenge)
Big competition: reality TV show will feature 456 contestants (photo from Squid Game: The Challenge)

Prize money

Netflix described the spin-off as “inspired” by the original, but also promised a whole host of surprising new additions.

Similar challenges previously seen in Squid Game will feature in the series, such as the famous Red Light, Green Light, Sugar Honeycombs and Hopscotch.

Participants will also have to fight for the jackpot by forming alliances and using strategy in a survival game as other competitors drop like flies.

But don’t worry: Participants won’t be putting their lives on the line to win the $4.56 million prize.

But with that much money up for grabs, they’re likely to compete as if they were.

Netflix announced the trailer in October, tweeting: “Make some friends. Make enemies. Make Millions,” adding that the series will premiere on November 22.

High stakes: The show will welcome 456 participants in the new reality competition based on the hit Netflix show – Squid Game. Contestants will compete for a whopping $4.56 million.
Familiar Games: Some challenges from the original series will also make an appearance, including Red Light, Green Light, Sugar Honeycombs and Hopscotch.


Ten episodes of the series are set to appear on Netflix, with the first titled Red Light, Green Light, signaling a huge hint to fans about what’s to come.

During each round and episode, contestants will be directed to a game room through a spiraling, multi-colored hallway while being watched by guards in pink jumpsuits with shapes covering their faces.

According to Dextero, eight of the 456 candidates were nominated:

  • Michael Van Wijk
  • Lee Taylor
  • Therese Sherron
  • Marcus Harrington
  • Deandre Sipthekid Smith
  • Brian D. Banks
  • Ripoli midge
  • Terry Myers

However, the IMDB page they were named on is no longer active.

Three unidentified contestants spoke out against the show, saying they were forced to film in zero weather for the house, according to Variety.

They stressed that they had not signed up for a Bear Grylls or Naked and Afraid type show and were shocked by the filming conditions.

Describing playing Red Light Green Light for six hours, one contestant said: “It’s not a game.

“The fun is now over. We can’t tell people they have to stay in sub-zero temperatures with just a sweat suit and two pairs of socks.

A second alleged condition was “absolutely inhumane”, specifying that four people had passed out during the second round of the match.

The plaintiff said he saw a girl faint, hearing her head hit the ground, adding: “But then someone came to the (microphone) and said to hold our positions because the game is not paused .” After that, people were dropping like flies.

Stop! The infamous Red Light, Green Light was filmed for six hours, with some contestants blasting the show for poor filming conditions.

Claims: One competitor claimed conditions were “absolutely inhumane”, alleging four people passed out during the second round of the games.


The list of controversies surrounding Netflix’s new, unreleased series doesn’t end with the alleged treatment of the contestants, either.

Fans were quick to point out that the streaming giant was quick to distribute the $4.5 million prize following strikes by the Writers Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild.

On capitalism at its best.

“Besides, this is what you’re putting all your money into instead of paying staff properly?” Lol.’

Earlier accusations were also made against Netflix for failing to pay Squid Game series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk’s residuals, despite the show being among the platform’s highest-earning.

Another chimed in: “The creator of the Squid game is not being paid adequately while Netflix continues to profit from it while missing the point of the series.”

“How can anyone be expected to watch this, it’s crazy.”

Others were disheartened that Netflix hadn’t released a sequel to the original Squid Game, with one writing: “We need season 2 of the real Squid Game.” Please.’

Controversial: People were quick to criticize the series as “ignorant” and “tone-deaf”
The tone is tone deaf: some pointed out that previous accusations were also made against Netflix for not paying the creator of the Squid Game series – Hwang Dong-hyuk – residuals

“And yet what we were asking for was a second season, not a game show,” commented a second.

However, some fans called Netflix “ignorant” and “tone deaf” for bringing the fictional series to life.

“I see you completely missed the point of the show. Good job,” one joked.

A second wrote: “The fact that this exists proves they haven’t understood the point of the show itself – it’s going to be so disappointing to see how popular it’s likely to be.”

“Making a reality TV game based on a show that criticizes capitalism is always very cringe,” said another.

“I hate that this exists,” one user wrote: “The premise of Squid Game was a satire of greed, class warfare, and exploitation of the working class. So naturally, a big company like Netflix just saw the dollar signs $$.

Squid Game: The Challenge premieres on Netflix on Wednesday, November 22.

Ironic: Other fans weren’t happy to see the streaming giant be so quick to hand out the $4.5 million prize following strikes by the Writers Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild.
I missed the point: other viewers called the show “cringe”, stating that they “hated” that it existed.

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