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SpongeBob ‘Real Life’ and Patrick Star spotted in the Atlantic Ocean

Who was filmed at the bottom of the sea?

SpongeBob SquarePants, or at least the actual lookalike for the cartoon character, as well as a lookalike for his sidekick, Patrick.

“Normally I avoid these referees… but WOW. REAL LIFE SpongeBob and Patrick! marine biologist Christopher Mah tweeted alongside an image of the aquatic couple on Tuesday.

It added, “Scientific names: Hertwigia (sponge) and Chondraster (starfish). “

SpongeBob and Patrick are best friends from the Nickelodeon series. But in real life, the stars of Chondraster are carnivores known to eat sea sponges, Mah told Business Insider.

Hopefully this one will go for a Krabby Patty instead.


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