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Space, for whom and for what?  – Space 2021

Since its creation in 1987, the Animal Production Fair, a European crossroads, has not changed course. “It was designed to meet the needs of breeding professionals in the West,” recalls Anne-Marie Quéméner, its general commissioner, to explain its installation in the heart of the first breeding basin in France.

Under these conditions, the meeting, organized at the Rennes exhibition center, is not a second agricultural fair. Its credo: enable breeders to find practical solutions adapted to their daily lives.

A business meeting whose economic interest is confirmed each year by the strong participation. This 2021 edition brings together 1,100 exhibitors and nearly 750 animals on nearly 16 hectares of exhibition.

International meeting

Also a place for debates and meetings, with around a hundred conferences scheduled, the Space is the big meeting point for the start of the agricultural school year, an opportunity for the most isolated “to regain morale in difficult times of economic crises”.

A conviviality that goes beyond the borders of the great West. The dimension has become over time more European and international (323 exhibitors and many visitors), to attract, in particular, African agriculture.

A highlight of the show, the presentation of animals also makes it possible, each year, to promote bovine species in particular, whether they are lactating or dairy, always in a friendly atmosphere, unparalleled in the world.

In addition to the traditional sales of animals selected at the genomic level, for the first time this year, animals will be sold for slaughter, both cattle and lambs, in response to “a demand” from meat professionals. .

Innovations “focused on improving working conditions”

Finally, after selection by a jury, Innov’Space will shine the spotlight on some sixty innovations this year focused on “improving working conditions, well-being and the search for efficiency”.

“We are in a period of transition. In all our sectors, we are wondering about our future (…) and we are trying to find solutions ”, underlined André Sergent, president of the regional chamber of agriculture, while sketching the context of Space 2021.

In terms of health, the visitors’ pass will be controlled, but two test poles at the main entrances will be set up to receive those who could not have been tested, said the organizers, hoping that “everyone can come safely. “.

During its last face-to-face edition, in 2019, Space welcomed around 105,000 visitors, including nearly 15,000 from 122 countries.


Space, from September 14 to 16, at the Rennes exhibition center, and on September 17, in digital. Entrance on presentation of the health pass. Entries and validation of invitations on

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