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Soros-backed leftists buy historic anti-communist Miami station during radio shopping spree

The Univisión-Televisa conglomerate has struck a deal with a left-leaning coalition funded in part by George Soros to buy 18 Spanish-language radio stations across the country, reports revealed this week – including Miami’s historic anti-communist station, Radio Mambi.

The purchase, which still requires FCC approval, is an attempt to stem the tide of Hispanic Americans voting for Republicans based on conservative cultural values ​​and a growing contempt for Joe’s failed presidency. Biden — or, as one of the executives in charge of the purchase described it, to fight “misinformation.”

If approved, the deal would put the 18 radio stations in the hands of a new left-wing organization called the Latino Media Network, run by former Obama White House officials and advocacy groups linked to Mark Zuckerberg. While the Cuban-American community in Miami has reacted with concern – Cuban leaders in exile have scheduled a press conference Wednesday at the Bay of Pigs museum to express their “great concern” over the situation – the attempt appears to be a retreading Univisión’s initial attempt. to sell a left-wing talk radio to Hispanic Americans. Univisión, whose news broadcasts tend to promote left-wing viewpoints, initially attempted to turn many AM radio stations into news outlets, but eventually scrapped the plan and switched to music in 2015.

Florida’s WLRN-FM reported last week that the Latino Media Network had “signed a ‘definitive agreement’ to purchase the stations for $60 million.” The media startup was launched after raising $80 million. The station confirmed the news with Univisión.

“Latinos are constantly trying to navigate the ocean of information. In some cases it’s misinformation, in some cases it’s very one-sided communication,” the radio station told Stephanie Valencia, the former director of Obama’s outreach co-directs the Latino Media Network “In the Latino community, radio still plays such an important role, and in places like Florida, it obviously plays a extremely important role.”

Valencia leads the new network with Jess Morales Rocketto, whom WLRN described as a “democratic activist”. Morales Rocketto led the immigrant advocacy group Families Belong Together, linked to Mark Zuckerberg’s

Vice President Kamala Harris, right, speaks during the swearing-in ceremony of Ken Salazar, left, as ambassador to Mexico, while Salazar’s former press secretary Stephanie Valencecenter, holds a Bible, in the vice president’s ceremonial office in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on the White House complex in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 2, 2021. (Susan Walsh/AP)

Several Spanish-language media reports confirmed that Latino Media Network had raised $80 million to buy the 18 radio stations. Investors include actress Eva Longoria and an investment fund called Lakestar Finance, linked to Soros Fund Management. Soros’ investments in leftist causes have made him an unpopular figure among Hispanic Americans and, in particular, on Spanish-speaking radio. In 2019, a controversy erupted after Radio Martí – a US government station targeting Cuba similar to Radio Free Europe – published a report on Soros condemned as “anti-Semitic”, leading to mass firings against the broadcaster.

The purchase of Radio Mambí, Miami’s historic anti-communist radio station, has particularly alarmed Hispanic listeners. Radio Mambí, named after freedom fighters armed with machetes during the Cuban war of independence from Spain, was founded in 1985 to give voice to the Cuban community in exile and became one of the stations of Miami’s most listened to radio stations.

Although hugely popular in its heyday, Univisión’s purchase of Radio Mambí sent viewership plummeting after a mass exodus of its top talent in 2017.

“It was very shocking,” former host Bernadette Pardo, who Univisión fired, said at the time. “I’ve been there 30 years and we were doing well in the ratings.”

Before the collapse of Univisión-run Radio Mambí, the media giant canceled much of its radio content in 2015 after trying to restructure it. As Newsbusters noted over the weekend, “the former Univision America was launched and folded at a time when Hispanics trusted their media institutions. and the Democratic president in office enjoyed the support of more than 70% of Hispanics.

Today, Biden receives record approval ratings from Hispanic Americans and is more unpopular with them than with white Americans.

Following the news of the leftist radio station’s shopping spree, members of the Cuban exile community and conservatives in Florida expressed particular concern for Radio Mambí. The Cuban Resistance Assembly, a coalition of pro-democracy groups on and off the island, released a statement announcing a press conference on Wednesday to amplify the “great community concern that iconic defense radio stations of Cuba’s freedom and fundamental rights for the Cuban people must not be silenced in the wake of a possible sale of business.

Cuban-American Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) sentenced the purchase as a “left-wing plan to annihilate conservative Hispanic voices”.

Soros-backed leftists buy historic anti-communist Miami station during radio shopping spree

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) listens during the Senate hearings on small business and entrepreneurship on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on June 10, 2020. (AL DRAGO/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Florida Republican Party Executive Director Helen Aguirre Ferré wrote in a statement on Twitter that the proposed purchase “confirms the importance of the struggle Hispanics are waging against Marxist ideology in Florida.”

Ferré, who once worked at Radio Mambí, added, “The hasty takeover of Radio Mambí highlights how far socialist interests will go to advance their agenda on America.

Valencia, the head of the Latino Media Network, confirmed in her remarks to WLRN that Radio Mambí would pivot to her definition of “balanced journalism,” but claimed the station would not become a left-leaning propaganda outlet.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced an ad buy on two of the stations included in the deal, one of them being Radio Mambí, to warn listeners that Soros-backed interests are likely to reshape the ideology of their favorite talk radio stations.

“Governor Ron DeSantis is taking [on] Soros on his own turf with a Spanish-language ad purchased from the Soros Network, serving as a public service announcement to Hispanic Floridians warning of pro-socialism, the radical program behind The Latino Media Network,” a statement the DeSantis campaign provided at Fox News Digital on Monday reads.

According to the outlet, the advertisements will read in Spanish: “Attention voters! The left is taking over our local media. Billionaire George Soros, known for funding far-left causes, is now funding the purchase of Hispanic radio stations right here in Miami.

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