Sony Just Leaked Destiny 2’s ‘The Final Shape’ Expansion Early

It’s a disastrous morning for Bungie and the Destiny 2 community as next Tuesday’s mega-expansion, The Final Shape, was leaked early.

Precisely what happened is still being worked out, but it appears to be an issue with Sony PS5 streaming, where the DLC was briefly made available through that service. It’s been bombed now, but an incredible amount of damage has already been done. (There are no spoilers in this article).

The leak allowed some players to start the campaign, but more importantly, see a lot of information in the collections system, leading to story spoilers circulating the internet, which will no doubt soon include spam in threads, live chats, even in-game, because unfortunately that’s what always happens with this sort of thing.

In addition to story spoilers, there are now raid mechanics that were leaked early on, casting a shadow over what would be the most high-profile raid race in Destiny history, as if you did . not If you know about these leaks, you would be at an immediate disadvantage compared to those who saw them.

This is without a doubt one of the worst leaks and errors I’ve ever seen, and it appears to be entirely based on Sony, as that’s the only platform this happened on and it is related to their streaming functionality. The exact technical nature of how this played out remains to be seen, but it’s an issue Sony needs to address immediately to prevent this from happening elsewhere. There are other reports, as yet unconfirmed, that this could have also made Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree playable, but I haven’t seen confirmation of this like I did with the Final leak Shape.

It’s hard to overstate how devastating a leak like this is for Bungie, where so much hinges on the release of this expansion, the culmination of a decade-long saga, and leaks aren’t just leaks, they are spoilers for a years-long plot. son.

The community seems to be rallying together to curb the spread of these leaks as much as possible, but the only real solution to this problem is to remain completely in the dark online until Tuesday, because there are simply too many possibilities for these information appears. It only takes one comment, one chat line, to ruin a major plot point, and I’ve been here before with many different games. Stay online and it’s almost impossible to avoid, especially when a leak is this big. And there are plenty of people who have vendettas against Bungie and are more than happy to spread things like this maliciously.

It’s horrible. We need to know exactly what happened here and how it can be avoided in the future. But for Destiny 2, it’s too late.

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