Sonos is teasing its ‘most requested product ever’ on Tuesday

Sonos announces, both in its emails and on social media, that its “most requested product of all time” is “coming soon” on May 21 (this Tuesday). Of course, this is almost certainly the Sonos Ace, its first wireless headphones.

Sonos is expected to launch the Ace in June, but given the company’s “most requested” wording and the fact that the headphones recently went on sale through authorized reseller Schuurman, it looks like they’ll arrive sooner than that .

A launch this week could help Sonos alleviate some of the anger over the rollout of its new app earlier this month. The app was apparently created in part to support the Sonos Ace, but it’s missing key features like a sleep timer or those related to local library management. And getting those features back into the app can take months.

The Roam and Ace aside, the company isn’t likely to announce much else this week. Rumor has it that Sonos is preparing to launch a TV streaming device, but not until the end of this year at the earliest. The same goes for its Sonos Arc soundbar. And there’s a good chance its “most in-demand product ever” will be the next business-focused Sonos Sub or Era 100. Headphones make the most sense and would launch the first of four new product categories the company is expected to launch into. .

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