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Social media influencer helps homeless man and his brother |  New

NASHVILLE – A stranger’s act of kindness lasted long after hundreds of people donated to a man in Nashville who had been unlucky for a while.

Adrian Ross works downtown on Broadway. A few days ago, someone gave Adrian a $ 200 tip for his job at Whiskey Row. Tyler Williams was inside the restaurant and heard what the stranger had done and decided to give Ross $ 100.

“I made a video saying that I had met Adrian and how $ 300 had changed his life and I knew we could do better,” Tyler said.

Tyler knew he wanted to help Adrian in a bigger way, so he used his influence on social media. He shared with his followers the meeting with Adrian and his homeless story. He asked and challenged his social media followers to give Adrian money after sharing with his brother his struggles with being homeless.

In one day, Tyler says his Venmo supporters made him $ 17,547. Tyler met Adrian and his brother at their hotel and shared the good news with him.

“He changed my life, he really did it,” said Adrian Ross.

Tyler shared a moving video with his followers after donating more than $ 17,000 to Adrian and his brother.

“I did my social media making silly comedy videos not necessarily doing something like this, but after talking to Adrian he said he lost his mother and I lost my mother when I ‘Was 21,’ Tyler said.

“He told me what he had done with his rig that he has and he just took my breath away,” Adrian said.

Adrian was overcome with emotion. He says he will be very grateful to Tyler for using his platform to put him and his brother in a better position. An act of kindness that changed their lives and formed an eternal bond.

“I intend to buy myself and my brother an apartment. We’re going to find jobs, we’re going to keep them to make sure we don’t come back from where we started. To everyone who donated and helped us, thank you very much. Said Adrian.

Tyler and Adrian encourage others to maintain this type of cuteness.


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