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Soccer.  What to remember from Domenech’s first press conference at FC Nantes – football

1. A solid operation like

Of course, nothing else should be expected for the first press conference of Raymond Domenech, new FC Nantes coach. The latter swore by the pleasure he has to find a bench. “I am in the sharing, in the pleasure. It is a blow of heart, a real happiness ”. He also assured to be “happy to find the press”.

The problems with the spectators who came to upset his first training session? “It is part of the ingredients of the life of a club,” he proclaimed, ensuring with envy “wanting to bring everyone together”. Anyway, Raymond Domenech has repeatedly insisted on the joy and goodwill of his whole group.

2. Raymond Domenech assumes his past but does not want to talk about it

Asked several times about the 2010 World Cup, the new coach of the Canaries assumed what happened before. “The page is turned, he nevertheless pressed. No one will change history, but you have to live with the times ”. He also explained that it was for personal reasons that he had not coached for 10 years, ensuring that he had already had requests from other French clubs that he had rejected. Regarding his opposition to the arrival of Ranieri when the Italian was over 65, he pleads “a real misunderstanding”.

3. A commando operation

“I am not in the state of mind to play the firefighter on duty,” he first certified before acknowledging that his six-month contract looked “like a commando operation”. Before talking about the result, Raymond Domenech highlighted his desire for everyone to have fun and his requirement in the ways of being and living.

4. Update on the FC Nantes group

If he was approached on the side of En Avant Guingamp where he has been training since October, it is finally in Nantes that Gianelli Imbula could bounce back. “He’s on trial, he’s here. I ask to see ”, recognized Raymond Domenech. The latter has also ruled out, for the moment, a possible departure of Abdoulaye Touré and hopes for a return to the best level of Jean-Kévin Augustin. Regarding the transfer window, he closed no door and assured that competition was the basis of a team and that it had to be healthy.

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