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Soccer.  What is the level of Saumur, next opponent of the US Montagnarde in the Coupe de France?  – Soccer

What is Saumur worth, which has eliminated your Guichen team Sunday in the 32nd of the Coupe de France?

Our coach (Gwen Corbin) watched several of their matches in the Coupe de France and alerted us to the fact that it is a very solid team, which comes to press very high. It was therefore not necessary to give them too much “to eat” and play behind the backs of their circles. We wanted to prevent them from taking advantage of high recoveries. The eleven players all run together and come looking very high for the opponent. They keep pressing.

What are their other strengths?

They have two very strong offensive players: their left eccentric (Mathias Blanchard, trained at Sco d’Angers) who is very dangerous and their number ten, Wail Bouhoutt. He holds the ball well and adds a technical touch. It is he who scores against us elsewhere. These are the two players to watch.

Saumur has flaws in the air sector, with a major deficit

You eliminated two other National 3 formations this season in the Coupe de France, Locminé and Plouzané. How does Saumur stand in relation to these two teams?

Saumur is a tone above. It’s a more complete team, in which there is no hole. It’s a team that runs nonstop and we can see that they are used to playing together. It’s a really difficult block to get around because if they press high, they play as a block and don’t reveal themselves at all, it gives them control on the pitch. It is from the top of the table of N3, they were third in their group before the suspension of the championships. They have, like Dinan, a big offensive armada, but also have a real defensive solidity. Plouzané is a team a bit like ours, top of the table of the former DH, Saumur would largely hold the road in the former CFA 2.

What can La Montagne rely on to advance to the round of 16?

They have flaws in the air sector, with a major deficit. We almost scored from a set piece, with a header on the bar. They have a card to play on this. We lacked deep players so we didn’t have any opportunities to play behind their backs. As they are pressing high, it would have been necessary to quickly switch the game to the opposite, but we failed to do so.

Does the Mountain have a card to play?

It will be almost 50-50, even if Saumur has a small advantage of receiving. The Mountain evolves in R1, but clearly has level N3. After beating Saint Brieuc and Concarneau, they are not afraid of anything and are able to overcome this obstacle.

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