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Soccer.  France team: Theo Hernandez tested positive for covid-19 – football


French AC Milan international Theo Hernandez tested positive for covid-19, the Italian club announced on Wednesday. The 24-year-old side returns from a rally with the France team already marked by Adrien Rabiot’s positive coronavirus test. “Theo Hernandez, back from the national team, tested positive during a sample taken at his home,” said AC Milan on Wednesday in a statement which said the player “is doing well”.

He is the second player of the France team to test positive for covid after midfielder Adrien Rabiot, who had to leave his teammates between the semi-final and the final of the League of Nations, two matches played by Theo Hernandez . Called to the Blues with his brother Lucas, the Milanese stood out by scoring the winning goal against Belgium in the semi-finals (3-2).

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