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Soccer.  Foot Amateur Bretagne was born!  – Soccer

  • 1 All the news of your club in 3 seconds
  • Foot Amateur Brittany, it’s the news of your club available in 3 seconds flat thanks to an easy-to-use search engine which compiles all the articles published by Le Télégramme. Your favorite club evolves in National 3, Regional 2, District 29, District 56 or District 22, it has young teams or a female section, it necessarily has its page on the site 100% Breton amateur football.

  • 2 Your best goals in video
  • The Telegram got closer to Rematch, free application which unearths the great actions of amateur sport, to highlight the most beautiful goals and the most beautiful saves on amateur football fields in Brittany. Yvann Rio, from the Gleaners of Lizio (56), will long remember his volley under the transverse. On our new site, the video will also be epic qualifications for the Coupe de France, portraits of amateurs, and women in the spotlight.

  • 3 Weekend teams like the pros!
  • Breton amateurs are entitled to their typical team like the pros! Since it is impossible to mix hundreds and hundreds of clubs, from all levels and from all departments, Foot Amateur Bretagne therefore offers, every Monday after a day of the championship, four weekend teams. One eleven in the Côtes-d’Armor (regrouping the R1, R2 and R3), another in Nord-Finistère (grouping R1-R2-R3), another one in Sud-Finistère (grouping R1-R2-R3) and a last one in Morbihan (grouping R1-R2 -R3). On September 13, the eleven Ligue 1 of L’Equipe displayed Benitez (Nice), Marquinhos (PSG), Savanier (Montpellier) or Moffi (Lorient). The eleven regional Telegrams preferred Penhoat (Ploumagoar), Loaec (Plouvorn), Le Brazidec (Noyal-Pontivy) or Bodivit (Plogonnec).

  • 4 Amateur Football Brittany, these are great stories …
  • They already had their place in Le Télégramme, they will keep it on the new Foot Amateur Bretagne site: the great stories of clubs, teams, players, players will always be highlighted, alongside national and regional reports, draws of cups and all the little information that roams the Breton amateur fields.

  • 5 A space for women’s football
  • The ball is just as round for girls as it is for boys! Foot Amateur Bretagne devotes space to female footballers for Breton players. National reports, information, portraits of footballers, leaders … We will also follow, thanks to Goes from and Tebeo, the season of the Finistériennes de Dirinon, leading roles in a video series in several episodes, in the privacy of their teams from Regional 2 and Division 1.

  • 6 All rankings, all results
  • No competitions without results and rankings by the dozen every weekend. Foot Amateur Bretagne brings them together from its home page. Are you only interested in the results and rankings of your club? No problem, they are also on the page dedicated to your club. From the A team to the youngsters.