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Soccer.  Champions League: united, Paris, with Messi scorer, tames Manchester City – football

Champions League (2nd day). Paris SG – Manchester City: 2-0

In a season, there are exhausting shocks, demanding power struggles, which allow to reveal what a team has in the belly, to define an identity for it. The victory of Paris Saint-Germain against the machine Manchester City (2-0) on behalf of the 2nd day of C1, Tuesday, is in this category.

To bring down the reigning English champion, as usual often domineering at the Parc des Princes, the Parisians relied, above all, on solidarity at all times. Unalterable efforts that Pochettino’s men had not yet provided this season.

Of course, we also saw a Messi-Neymar-Mbappé trident, aligned for his 3rd match, much more incisive than against Bruges and Lyon, with more technical relations, and concerned by the recovery, during defensive returns that have the scent big meetings, like those of Mbappé (43 ‘), Neymar in front of Mahrez (45’) or Messi (50 ‘, 70′). A decisive trio too, evidenced by the first goal in the Parisian shirt of the Pulga, perfectly offset by Mbappé to shake the citizens’ nets thanks to his so singular strike from the inside of the foot. It was the second Parisian goal (2-0, 73 ‘), the one that sealed their important success.

Omnipresent Gueye

Before that, we will remember, once again, the second Parisian knives, who have shown that we will also have to rely on them this season. And, once again, the most prominent was named Gueye. Already a scorer against Montpellier on Saturday, the Senegalese international put his team into orbit by taking a center back from Mbappé badly cleared to send a missile under the bar (1-0, 8 ‘). Omnipresent in the recovery and the projection, the 32-year-old left his mark on the meeting, helped by a Herrera just as valuable in the combativeness and in the presence in the opponent’s area (38 ‘).

Yet it was Guardiola’s players who held the ball for a long time and made Kimpembe’s teammates run. But the latter were indefatigable, perhaps sublimated by a spirit of revenge, they who were eliminated last season by these same Mancuniens at the stage of the semi-finals.

Donnarumma, first successful

Eyes were also on another flagship rookie of the summer, Donnarumma, whose turn it was to put on the gloves in the alternation system set up with Navas. The 22-year-old Italian goalkeeper, although he already testifies to a great experience of the high level, was nevertheless making his baptism of fire in the Champions League. And the European champion has shown the serenity that characterizes him. To catch a powerful ball from Cancelo (31 ‘), to take out the head of Dias (44’) or the attempt of De Bruyne (55 ‘)… And was also lucky on a double bar from the Citizens (26’).

It is also his performance that allowed his team to glean three precious points. Because, from an accounting point of view, after the draw in Bruges, any other result could have cast doubt on the Parisians who, however, remain undefeated in L1 and C1 this season.

Faced with the oiled collective of Citizens, the men of the capital have shown that they shine more when no one balks at the task.

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