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‘SNL’ Recap: Nate Bargatze Made His Hosting Debut With More Than a Little Help from Foo Fighters

Asking comedian Nate Bargatze to host Saturday Night Live wasn’t the craziest idea Lorne Michaels ever had (see: Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Michael Phelps, etc.). Michaels has already seen Bargatze in the building several times, as the comedian is Jimmy Fallon’s favorite stand-up for his book about his film. Late at night And This evening watch. And in that time, Bargatze has become popular enough to land a Grammy nomination (two years ago, for The Greatest Average American), star in a network sitcom pilot (ABC adopted in 2020), and now tour in the arenas. I also suggested that his 2023 special, Hello World, should earn Bargatze his first Golden Globes nod. His recent sold-out, multi-night appearance at Radio City Music Hall across from 30 Rock might have sealed the deal for Lorne’s invitation. You know what would be a crazy booking that would make just as much sense for Lorne to host SNL, However? Shane Gillis. Waiting for…

What’s the problem for the SNL Opened cold for last night (10/28/23)?

This week’s really crazy idea was to replace James Austin Johnson with Mikey Day to impersonate President Joe Biden in the open. We need information on this, stat! This also makes Day’s second consecutive starring role in the big day, as he played House Speaker wannabe Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) last Saturday.

But what good is Day as Biden now? Is it because he will be haunted by JAJ as Trump later in the sketch? Alas no. Are we supposed to worry more or laugh more about seeing Day as the 80-year-old president climbs a ladder to adorn the Halloween decorations in the Oval Office? Boo Back Boo-er is a joke based on the memory of a slogan and legislation from years ago. There’s an SNL introduction to the new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson (played taller by Michael Longfellow), but apparently only to remind America that Johnson has a grown black son who is only 11 years younger than him and who is not actually adopted, just to also remind us how well, the real story of The blind side proved. Thank you, Devon Walker.

Which brings us to this week’s episode of…

Who made surprise celebrity cameos?

No David S. Pumpkins this year. Sorry, Tom Hanks fans. But how about Papa Pumpkin, in the form of Christopher Walken, a REAL 80 YEARS! His reading of “smell my feet” when reciting a Halloween poem is worth it.

SNL really is a variety show with all the cameos this season. We should not be surprised by several Dave Grohl sketch appearances, as he and his Foo Fighters are Lorne’s favorite musical guests, by numbers alone. But Padma Lakshmi‘s walk-on for a Excellent chef-like parody is about the only reason to pay attention to the otherwise one-joke premise of the Chef Showdown sketch. We were also pleasantly surprised to see and hear HER join the Foo Fighters for their performance of “The Glass”.

How did guest host Nate Bargatze fare?

YouTube poster

“I’m as shocked as you are that I’m here,” Bargatze told us to open his monologue. However, the show gave him nine and a half minutes to perform, and so he spent much of his time joking about how his 11-year-old daughter’s life when she turns 44 will be so different . It couldn’t be anything like the days when young Nate watched his magician father try to compete with high-diving donkeys at the Wilson County Fair (did you know that before the internet, people also thought they could boxing orangutans?), or realizing that his father used Afrin for decades longer than the suggested three-day prescription. Bargatze has made fun of his own intelligence and lack of education for much of his career, and continued in his monologue, pointing out that he is not a big fan of reading because of all the words , and has been sitting on the edge of his seat watching a historical film ever since. he doesn’t know how it’s going to happen.

YouTube poster

It is therefore not surprising that the sketch which best featured him takes place in the past, trying to explain the future! It features Bargatze as revolutionary army commander (and future president) George Washington, rallying his troops in 1777 with his own dream speech. His only dream is how uniquely strange the American systems of weights and measures will be. “How many liters are in a gallon, sir?” ” “Nobody knows!” Which leads him in one way or another to try to explain American football to soldiers, more than a century after the sport’s creation.

YouTube poster

The other notable sketch of the evening begins with Bargatze and Ego Nwodim (who also starred in the Chef Showdown skit) handing out candy to the children on Halloween. But wait! Enter Sarah Sherman as SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher! On the one hand, why is she trying to extrapolate SAG’s suggestion to her own actors about how to avoid strike-breaking Halloween costumes to the rest of us and our children? If this results in a young girl pretending to be a drunk Hoda Kotb, we’ll allow it, I guess?!? The kids can do a lot more in this sketch than anyone outside of Sherman’s Drescher. And just when it starts to feel like the sketch is anti-union, Sherman saves it from that fate by explaining SAG’s position using Halloween candy, specifically Kit-Kat bars.

I almost forgot to mention the Hallmark Channel Halloween parody, because it was just that kind of oversight.

How relevant was the Foo Fighters musical guest?

This was Grohl’s 14th appearance on SNL, and ninth with his band (he also did two SNL appearances with Nirvana and three other stints on drums for other guests). They performed two songs from their new album, “But Here We Are”, “The Glass” with HER, as well as their first single, “Rescued”. Grohl also added musical and comedic relief to the music video for “Lake Beach” and also kicks off the airplane sketch.

YouTube poster

Can we talk about the fact that SNL’s plane only has first class seats? Or is it a debate that comes after what is the second hardest job after being a doctor?

YouTube poster

Who went through the weekend update?

YouTube poster

Sarah Sherman found a new way to taunt Colin Jost, playing his agent, JJ, with news about what kinds of acting offers Jost could expect once the strike ends? “Our options are limited, buddy!”

Which sketch filled the “10 to 1” box? Was this a please don’t destroy video?

YouTube poster

Yes. At 12:54 a.m. Eastern, it’s time for another late-night taping from the boys of Please Don’t Destroy, and this week, Ben Marshall was shocked to learn that John Higgins and Martin Herlihy have registered for a new meal. prep service called DAWG food. It’s just dog food. “For those friends who don’t want to cook!” It looks dangerous.

Higgins’ RIP card is a bit wild, juxtaposed with the last-minute addition of a card for Matthew Perry, the former NBC comedy star who died Saturday night at age 54. Perry’s SNL card did not include any of this information.

The show has a week off and will return on November 11 with Timothée Chalamet as host and boygenius on stage.

Sean L. McCarthy works on the comedy beat for his own digital newspaper, The comic strip; before that, for real newspapers. Based in New York, but traveling anywhere for the scoop: ice cream or news. It also broadcasts podcasts with comedians sharing their origin stories on The comic strip presents the latest things first.

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