Slayer officially announced for Guilty Gear Strive in new trailer, to release on May 30th

And yes, he still sucks your blood

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If there was any doubt before, the vampire dandy finally returns to the stage and he’s ready to put on a show.

During Evo Japan 2024, Arc System Works officially revealed Slayer as the latest DLC character for Guilty Gear Strive Season 3 in a new trailer.

After his debut in 2002 with Guilty Gear XX, Slayer remained a constant force to be reckoned with until Strive where he missed out on a few years of development (at least in our world).

The former leader of the Assassins Guild was Nightless’ only known character in the series until Nagoriyuki was dug up by Happy Chaos, so it will be interesting to see their interactions.

Despite seemingly being one of the most powerful characters in the world of Guilty Gear with numerous abilities, Slayer relies largely on teleportation and getting up in front of his opponents to physically put them under pressure and make them guess what he’s going to do next. .

This seems to hold somewhat true for his new iteration in Guilty Gear Strive as well, although he also comes equipped with some real powerful moves, including one that goes so hard that he even destroys most of his own clothing.

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You can check out the big trailer for Slayer’s return to Guilty Gear Strive below.

The trailer shows plenty of moves reminiscent of classic Slayer appearances, suggesting he will be quite familiar to fans of the character, as well as plenty of animation featuring his wife, Sharon.

A new stage will also appear with Slayer, called Amber Fest with Kind Neighbors.

It was also mentioned that there would be no balance changes with the Slayer update, but it was reiterated that Season 4 is coming and there will be changes and new additions to the game once it is launched.

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