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Skyline Road murder case defendants seek juvenile offender status

MADISON, Alabama – In 2019, what investigators call a burglary gone awry left one stabbed and one injured. Two men were charged with capital murder, six others were charged with murder.

According to court records, this year seven of the eight men applied for juvenile status in the murder case.

If granted, juvenile delinquent status means that an accused can only be incarcerated for up to three years in a state prison. Charges and even potential convictions will not appear in their adult record.

Hunter Moore was among those who applied for juvenile status in this case. Police said Moore devised the plan to steal money and drugs from the Skyline Road home.

Moore, alongside another man Austin Holmes, has been charged with capital murder.

Investigators say Holmes stabbed the man inside the house, ultimately killing him.

In September, Holmes’ application for juvenile offender status was rejected by Madison County Presiding Judge Ruth Ann Hall.

Caeleb Kegley, another accused in the murder case, also had his request rejected in August.

Currently, judges are scheduled to hear Hunter Moore’s request for young offender on Thursday morning and Hunter Dubois’ claim on October 29.

The other four young offenders’ claims have yet to go to court hearings.

To be clear, aside from Moore and Holmes, the other defendants only face murder charges because they were involved in a violent crime – burglary or robbery – during a death.

Only seven of the eight original defendants remained charged in the case.