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Skylar Astin and Lisa Stelly talk about using ‘toys’ in the bedroom

Let’s just say they’re very comfortable with headbands!

Skylar Astin and girlfriend Lisa Stelly hilariously (and honestly) answer outrageous questions about their relationship during a preview of E! Celebrity game face premiere, airing tonight August 31. Host Kevin hart first wonder which of them would last longer on Survivor as Astin and Stelly clash Yvette Nicole Brun, Affion Crockett, Jason biggs and Jenny mollen.

“I can not build anything”, astin impassive. “I’m Jewish, I need to call people for everything.”

However, Astin and Stelly are both on the same page as to who is most likely to fight a stranger for a parking spot.

“I can be confrontational, so I feel like I would be able to express it to a complete stranger,” Stelly jokes.

Finally, the couple are ready to get dirty thanks to Hart’s NSFW question: who would bring toys into the bedroom?