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Sixth member of Texas Democratic delegation tested positive for Covid

A sixth member of the Texas Democrat delegation to Washington, DC has tested positive for Covid-19, a spokesperson told NBC News on Monday.

Cara Santucci, spokeswoman for the Texas House Democrats confirmed the case and said the undisclosed member is self-isolating.

She initially said last week that the delegation would provide daily rapid tests to its members and their employees who are in the nation’s Capitol. But in a statement on Monday, she said the delegation would no longer publish a daily number of Covid cases.

“We are focused on our daily testing, following and exceeding CDC guidelines, social distancing and wearing masks as much as possible. We’re just not going to publish the daily counts, ”she said.

Monday’s announcement comes after five Democrats from Texas who fled to Washington in an attempt to publicize Republican-sponsored election restrictions in their state tested positive for Covid over the weekend.

A representative of the delegation – State Representative Trey Martinez Fischer – confirmed his positive test in a statement on Sunday. Fischer said he tested positive on a rapid antigen test, but tested negative on Friday and Saturday and added he was experiencing “extremely mild symptoms.”

Representative Celia Israel also said she tested positive.

It is believed that three of those who test positive are fully vaccinated.

The delegation fled en masse to Washington on July 12 to at least temporarily halt Texas voting legislation until lawmakers returned or the special session called by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott ended.

Republicans, including Abbott, are trying to pass legislation that would add identification requirements for postal voting, ban certain early voting options, create criminal penalties for violating election codes, and empower observers who support polls , which Democrats say would deny minority voters the right to vote.

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