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Six potential buyers and three indicative offers for Fonderie de Bretagne – Caudan


Renault Group announced this Wednesday, October 13 that it was “in discussion with six buyers” for the Fonderie de Bretagne, in Caudan. “Five have already visited the site. To date, three indicative offers have already been sent ”, specifies the diamond mark. Information communicated to employees within the framework of an extraordinary Social and Economic Committee which was held this Wednesday afternoon to take stock of the first phase of the search for a buyer. Renault remains very secret about the identity of the candidates for the takeover as well as the amount of the offers made. The group indicates that “taking into account the interest expressed by other companies, the offers which could be made will also be examined”.

Waiting for new offers

The CGT does not let anything show through and wants to be suspicious. “These are only indicative, non-binding offers, so we wait,” reports Maël Le Goff. According to the union, the third offer presented would not be “serious”. “The only candidate who would bring volume is the first”. Two potential buyers are considering investments in the company, in particular a new molding line. No timetable has been disclosed for the rest of the cases. “We are going to take the time to carefully study the offers and those that may arrive,” comments Renault.

Renault renews its commitment of 21,000 tonnes in 2022

On September 29, a meeting resulting from the end-of-conflict protocol took place between the management and the CGT. Employees were assured 21,000 tonnes in the 2022 forecast budget, i.e. the same production volume as in 2021 (19,000 t plus the two tonnes negotiated in the end-of-conflict protocol) and the continuity of work in 2/8 until December 2021. “Is it to supply a buyer? “Asks the CGT.