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Singer Vianney came to Plouharnel to make the music video for his song ” For real “ which has just been released. Filming took place three weeks ago, when the temperatures were particularly freezing. Erwan Delsaut, the municipal police officer, contributed to the smooth running of this grueling shoot.

A beach without homes

Vianney did not know the area. It was his friend, Valentin Vigniet, who had suggested Plouharnel. Erwan Delsaut explains: “The singer was looking for a beach with no homes nearby, no visible barrier, no equipment. The beach of Sainte-Barbe seduced him. Vianney is very simple, affordable. The team, of ten people, was also very pleasant and respectful. However, the shooting was not easy. The weather conditions were particularly bad ”.

The singer went well in the water

“It lasted three days,” said the municipal police officer. The team was on the beach in the morning from 7 am to 9 am and then at the end of the day from 4 pm to 8 pm ”. You have to be very knowledgeable to recognize the places, because the shots are very tight and some blurs have been chosen on certain backgrounds. The singer went well in the water “for real” despite this unusual cold on our coasts (in water at 8-9 ° Editor’s note). The team had rented two houses in Saint-Pierre-Quiberon. As they particularly appreciated the region, we hope to see the singer Vianney again with his talent, his smile, his red windbreaker, if he wishes, but under a more welcoming sky! “.

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