Singer Maren Morris quits country music, blames ‘Trump years’

by: Sarah Polus, The hill



(The Hill) – Singer Maren Morris has announced she is leaving country music due to the effects the “Trump years” have had on the music genre.

“After the Trump years, people’s prejudices were on full display,” the “Bones” singer said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times published Friday. “It just revealed who people really were and that they were proud to be misogynistic, racist, homophobic and transphobic.”

The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter added that she doesn’t like music being used as “a toxic weapon in the culture wars.”

Referring to Jason Aldean’s hit song “Try That in a Small Town,” which made waves with conservatives, Morris said, “People play these songs out of spite.” »

She continued: “It’s not out of true joy or love of music. It’s owning the libraries. And so that’s not what music is for. Music is supposed to be the voice of the oppressed – the real oppressed. And now it’s being used as a truly toxic weapon in the culture wars.”

Morris first made political headlines last year when she criticized comments made by Aldean’s wife, Brittany Aldean, regarding gender-affirming care for transgender youth last year last. Morris then faced backlash from conservative television host Tucker Carlson, whose Fox News show showed a chyron calling her a “crazy country person.”

Morris made fun of the situation and raised $100,000 for pro-trans organizations by selling a t-shirt playing on the chyron.

Tara Suter contributed to this report.


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