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Sinéad O’Connor revisits the controversy over the image of the Pope “ SNL ”
The Irish singer-songwriter said she removed the photo of the former pontiff from the wall of her mother’s bedroom after the eldest woman died, according to an excerpt from O’Connor’s upcoming memoir, “Rememberings”, published by Rolling Stone Magazine.

“It was taken during his visit to Ireland in 1979.” Young people of Ireland, “he said after demonstrating kissing the ground at Dublin Airport as if the flight had been too scary,” I love you, “” the excerpt reads. “What a load of claptrap. No one loved us. Not even God. Of course, even our mothers and fathers couldn’t stand us.”

Prior to her ‘SNL’ appearance, O’Connor had ‘been pissed off for a few weeks’ after’ finding brief articles buried in the back pages of Irish newspapers about children ravaged by priests but whose stories are not believed by the the police or the bishops to whom their parents report it, ”she writes, according to the extract.

She was also angry at the time because a man she knew in New York had confessed to her that he was a drug dealer who had used children as “mules” and who expected to be. killed by a rival drug dealer, according to the passage. in Rolling Stone.

O’Connor recalled how Irish singer and activist Bob Geldof in 1978 tore up a photo of Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta on a TV show after his Boomtown Rats single “Rat Trap” overtook song The couple’s “Summer Nights”. at No. 1 on the charts, according to the excerpt from the book.

“My intention had always been to destroy my mother’s picture of the Pope,” O’Connor wrote. “It represented lies, liars and abuse.”

During the rehearsal for her late-night performance of Bob Marley’s “War,” O’Connor held up a photo of a Brazilian street kid who had been killed by police, she wrote in the memoir selection.

But when the time came for the “SNL” live show, she tore up the Pope’s photo, sparking outrage.

“Everyone wants a pop star, you see? But I am a protesting singer, ”she writes in the passage in the memoirs. “I just had stuff to get out of my chest.”

“Rememberings” releases Tuesday.


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