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Siné Mensuel accused of anti-Semitism by Crif and BHL after a caricature of Macron in front – RT in French

The Licra, the Crif and several personalities have stepped up to the plate against a caricature by Siné Mensuel representing Emmanuel Macron. Etienne Liebig, who writes in the satirical newspaper, sees nothing more than “cinema”.

For its April front page, the satirical newspaper Monthly Siné, founded by a former Charlie hebdo, chose to represent Emmanuel Macron sneering, wreath of lilies on his head and large gold ring on his finger, accompanied by the comment “whatever it costs you”. This drawing by Jean Solé – which is reminiscent of the character of Prince Jean, usurper of power in the cartoon Robin Hood – creates controversy on social networks, some accusing the monthly of anti-Semitism because of the features under which the head of state is represented. Interviewed by RT France, the author and freelance writer for Monthly Siné Etienne Liebig qualifies these critics as “cinema”, believing that the newspaper has “no lesson to receive from anyone”.

“What is ‘disgusting’, asked [l’actrice] Jean Seberg? It is, with this Une Macron, Monthly Siné», Affirmed the philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy via his Twitter account. For him, the satirical journal is no longer “a split from Charlie”, but “the reincarnation of I’m everywhere», A French collaborationist and anti-Semitic newspaper published during the occupation. “Thought for Philippe Val who once had the courage to fire the founder of this cabbage leaf”, he concludes by referring to the controversial dismissal of Siné, ousted from Charlie hebdo by order of Philippe Val.

The co-founder of the Republican Spring, Gilles Clavreul, also wanted to express his “friendly thoughts” for Philippe Val who, according to him, was “overwhelmed with insults by so many fine spirits, when he turned from Charlie hebdo this scoundrel of Siné ”. “His successors are worthy of him,” he says, after having referred to “far-left anti-Semitism”.

The author and freelance writer in Monthly Siné Etienne Liebig made fun of this tweet, recalling in particular the Jewish origins of the editor in chief of the newspaper and widow of Siné, Catherine Weil-Sinet. Etienne Liebig told RT France not to have participated in the choice of the front page but to have “fallen from the clouds” when he discovered these accusations of anti-Semitism. “There is nothing to do against [ces réactions]There is no point in discussing, ”he said, before specifying that he had not read all the comments posted on social networks by personalities. “I haven’t seen them and I don’t care. They make their cinema ”, judges the musician. About the author of the drawing, Jean Solé, Etienne Liebig expressed himself in these terms: “It is an old designer who drew with Gotlib. He is an incredible reference who is 70 years old […] He drew album covers, children’s drawings… Never for an anti-Semitic newspaper! He’s not going to start making anti-Semitic caricatures at 70! ”. Asked about the disadvantageous comparison between Charlie and Siné made by certain front page critics, Etienne Liebig was indignant: “Maurice Sinet was at Charlie’s for 25 years, of which he was even a founder. [Siné Mensuel] has no lesson to learn from anyone! ”.

The International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism (Licra) relayed the front page of Monthly Siné on Twitter, commenting: “It appears that an English variant cluster has been spotted at Monthly Siné. This variant would have been baptized Corbyn-19 by specialists. ” The Licra by this refers to Jeremy Corbyn, a British politician who was suspended in October 2020 by the Labor Party – after having led it between 2015 and 2020 – following a report questioning his record in the fight against anti-Semitism within the party. He had been the subject, for several months, of a campaign in this direction, which he strongly denounced on several occasions.

The President of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (Crif) Francis Kalifat for his part considered that a “far-right cartoonist of the 1930s would not have done better” than the front page of Monthly Siné. “As usual, this far-left monthly is distinguished by its despicable side. Is not Charlie hebdo who wants! ”, he estimated.

Journalist and writer Claude Weill also compared Monthly Siné at I’m everywhere.

The writer and professor of philosophy Raphaël Enthoven, for his part, considered that the caricature, “with its charms and its hooked nose”, was “far more serious and abject than a white actor who (as is his role and his right) ventures to play Othello ”, thus referring to the controversy surrounding the actor Gérard Darmon who made himself up in black on his Instagram account.

In 2008, the cartoonist Siné – who died in 2016 – was ousted from Charlie hebdo by the director of the publication of the weekly, Philippe Val, after a post on Jean Sarkozy in which the designer was ironic about the possible conversion to Judaism of the son of the former president. Jean Sarkozy was preparing at the time to marry the heiress of the Darty stores, Jessica Sebaoun, of Jewish faith.

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